The only Zumbrota in the whole wide world! cheeky

I’m getting older but will always be younger than Drew

Pet Peeves:   

The phrase pet peeve!  Oh and people who don’t know how to drive!!!

Dream Place:  

A castle or a mansion would do.

Favorite Show(s):  

The one where there is this guy that has friends and they are silly and stuff….I forget the name of it

Favorite Artist(s):  

Anyone that I can sing with….(I have a voice angel…don’t believe what anyone else tells you…ITS GOOD Darnit!)

Favorite New Artist(s):  

Same as above

Person I most admire:

Anyone that actually likes my singing

Favorite Sport(s):  

Basketball, football, volleyball….I like a lot of sports


Running, hanging out with friends and family, SLEEPING! 

Favorite Foods:

I’m pretty picky but if it doesn’t have a weird texture, or onions, or tomatoes, or pickles, or nuts, or …ok I’m picky

Biggest Fear:   

Drowning ALIVE….getting stuck under ice and downing freaks me out!

Favorite Song Right Now:  

As long as I’m singing it, I like it! Ha!

Favorite Country Song Ever:

This one is a hard question…these should be like multiple choice or something!

In My CD Player Right Now:

Nothing now??  I don’t know, I’m not next to my cd player at the moment…but if I knew I’d tell ya! 





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