Female Fiasco: The Gym

Aug 29, 2013 -- 7:10am

So its been a while since I’ve worked out….and by a while, I don’t mean a couple of weeks…I mean a while.

I’m pretty sure its been within the year of 2013 but who can really be sure?! 

So yesterday, I got back on the bull and went to the gym!

I got lost trying to find the cardio equipment…I tried to play it cool so people wouldn’t know that I was lost….”just wanted to check on that storage closet before I go do my work out…yep, still here, great!”

I definitely didn’t fool anyone…they all knew I was lost!

After wandering around for several minutes, I stumbled upon the cardio equipment…I’m lucky I only got lost once!

So I’m in the cardio room and I jump on the elliptical… now we females need to get ourselves situated on the machine before we start our work-out.  We have to get our ipod headphones untangled (how do they get so tangled so quickly?), get a good song playing, secure our cellphone in a place where we have access to it…you know in case we get an important text or tweet in the 45 minutes we’ll be working out that NEEDS our attention ASAP!

So I’m all set now! Ready to go! How does this elliptical work? 

It takes me another few minutes to figure out what kind of work-out I want to do…do I want to do hills? Intervals? Fat-Burning?  Who cares Tory, just pick one!

I think I’m doing fat-burning…and now when I say its been a while…ITS BEEN A WHILE!  I was struggling after 2 minutes…43 more minutes and I’m already exhausted!

I thought I could jump right back in to cardio like I never skipped a beat…WRONG. 5 minutes in of a very quick pace…I was positive I was going to fall off the machine and pass out! 

But I couldn’t just stop or go really slowly because then the other people working out would know I can’t handle it!

Somehow I made it through 45 minutes…I don’t remember much of it…but \ I made it!

I was struggling a little after that and am a little sore this morning…I probably should have eased myself in to it. 


Life Lesson: If you are just starting to work-out or are getting back in to it...ease in to it!


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