Female Fiasco: Female Life Hacks

Aug 28, 2013 -- 7:10am

Ladies here are some great day to day “life hacks” that will make you go “ OMG WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT!” 

When it comes to this kind of stuff, I’m a big in the box thinker…I use products for the job they were made for and I get on with my life. 

I’ve never stood there with a dryer sheet  in my hand and said “you know tor, you could probably use this dryer sheet to change your oil” I’m not sure that that would work, but you get the idea.

In the box thinker, right here.

But lucky for me, there are people out there that do have minds that think like that and kudos to them for giving us these “life hacks”

Here are some great ones!

-Hang your purses with shower curtain hooks….I actually have done this and it is a great way to keep purses organized!

-White wine neutralizes red wine stains…GENUIS. JUST GENUIS.  I hate to waste the wine though!

-Remove deodorant stains with dryer sheets…this one is probably my favorite! There is nothing worse than getting ready for work, a date, life, etc and getting deodorant on your shirt! 

-Use rice and a sock to make a hot pack…I’ve been doing this one for years…headaches, cramps, a pulled muscle…this is way better then any hot pack or heated blanket I’ve ever tried.  Just put uncooked rice in a sock, tie a knot in the sock so the rice doesn’t fall out and microwave it for a couple minutes.  It stays pretty hot for a while and you can reuse it over and over!

-Use your hair straightener to iron hems…. I do this ALL the time…but not because I’m creative, because I’m just too lazy to setup the iron/ironing board! Ha!

-Use pants hangers to organize your boots…this one also blew my mind! Why didn’t I think of that?!?! 

What other “life hacks” do you use that I should try out?! Email me at tory@1017thebull.com or tweet me @Torythebull!



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