Female Fiasco: Contact Paper

Aug 23, 2013 -- 7:10am

I’ve been trying to get my apartment in order and of the many unpleasant jobs involved with that is; lining the kitchen cabinets and drawers with contact paper. What a nightmare of a job that is!

I’ve been putting it off for the whole week and a half I’ve lived here…it’s the last big job I have to do, but somehow I keep finding other tasks that are more important and require more immediate attention, like watching grass grow.

So I finally started this on Wednesday night…it took me over an hour to do 2 drawers and one cabinet, and just as I was getting in to a good rhythm I ran out of contact paper…figures.

Anyway, the first drawer went beautifully and easily…and because of this I had a false sense of confidence in my skills for the process of measuring, cutting and placing the paper in one nice swoop.

The second drawer was not as easy but still manageable….the cabinet…ohhhh the cabinet.  After measuring and cutting the proper size of paper I was trying to place the paper in one smooth motion….well that didn’t go to well…I had to keep pulling the paper off and retry to orient and place it but then it kept sticking to itself. This got really frustrating really quickly! I was getting really heated so I had to take a little time out and walk around my apartment …that contact paper was not going to get the best of me!

Anyway, after about 25 minutes of fighting with the paper, I managed to get it looking somewhat decent.

So now I’m in the zone, ready to knock out some more cabinets and I ran out of contact paper. What a slap in the face!

The next day I got a couple of more rolls of contact paper and went back at it…at this point I’m completely unenthused.

It of course was not any easier then the day before…if anything it got more difficult as I went on…probably because of lack of motivation and desire for the project!

After spending an hour-ish measuring, cutting, peeling and sticking that stuff to my cabinets; I only finished 3 cabinets…3 CABINETS…I still have 4 to go...I just couldn’t do it anymore so I threw in the towel!

I would like to say I will finish the final 4 cabinets this afternoon…but I think I’d be lying to you!

Life Lesson: Do not start this project. 

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