Female Fiasco: Women vs. Men Getting Ready

Aug 22, 2013 -- 7:10am

So my morning routine takes me roughly an hour (I’m in hustle mode) each day from start to finish…from my shower, to drying my hair, to styling my hair, putting on make-up, to getting dressed and final touches (brushing my teeth, putting on jewelry, shoes, etc)…that starts to add up...especially when that extra hour each day could be better spent sleeping!

After doing some research I realized that we women spend about 3 years of our lives doing our hair and putting on our make up! 3 YEARS!!!

Then I wondered how that 3 years compares to men…

Well after more research-it turns out men on average spend 11 minutes a day getting ready! So men spend an average of 46 days of their life getting ready! 

Most of the time, I think women enjoy their “getting ready” time…kind of like guys enjoy the time they spend playing video games, golf, etc

3 years vs. 46 days though!!! That’s CRAZY!!!


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