Middle School Student suspended for distracting hair???

Feb 12, 2013 -- 8:44am

Utah Middle School Student Rylee MacKay Suspended for Having Distracting Hair

Rylee MacKay of Hurricane, Utah, was banned from classes at Hurricane Middle School because school administrators determined that her hair, which is dyed red, “didn’t fit on the spectrum of natural color” and is therefore a distraction.

According to the girl’s mother, MacKay has been using the same shade of red to dye her hair since September.

“We talked to the hairdresser about the school rules and told her it had to stay in the natural color spectrum of red,” MacKay’s mother said. “At the time, the color of hair Rylee wanted, the hairdresser and I both felt maybe it was too red, a little too bright, and we made her tone it down.”

Apparently the bright tone of MacKay’s hair had school officials seeing red last week. They called MacKay’s parents to say that her hair had become problematic and that although the girl could finish out the school day, she wouldn’t be allowed back until her hair was different.


Here is a picture of Rylee...really? Distracting?

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