Newtown Mermorial Fund

Dec 18, 2012 -- 8:55am



The Newtown Memorial Fund mission is three-fold:

  1. Short term: To provide financial relief for funeral expenses of those who perished in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre of December 14, 2012. We are hearing now after day 3 that some or all of the funeral expenses are being covered by many donors. If this is true and our assistance is not needed for these expenses, we know there are other immediate expenses for Police duty overtime, and other Community financial needs that arise.
  2. Mid term: To assist the town with the design, placement and funding to donate a suitable lasting memorial(s) for our Community in tribute to those we lost.
  3. Ongoing: To provide an annual scholarship fund to students of the Newtown Public Schools who will be going on to college. A full criteria will be developed and voted on by the board. Administration of this task will be the ongoing legacy of the memorial fund, hopefully for generations to come.

Our vision is to be the central repository for the many local and even global causes who are all reaching out looking for ways to help. We know that no amount of funds will bring back our beloved friends and family, but our hope is that through centralization of others’ gifts and fundraising work, coupled with our own organic development and fundraising, that we will achieve much more through a single synergistic approach to the immediate support and long-standing preservation of the memories of those we lost, while improving our Community for an infinite period of time. We will provide the fullest transparency and integrity to everything we do, and will recruit and retain a stellar, cross-functional group of inspirational leaders to achieve the most profound impact that we know how to make. If you are interested in donating (money or time), please use our contact us page for now.

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