Female Fiasco: Giving up Facebook

Jul 11, 2014 -- 7:10am

I’m on facebook all the time…pretty much constantly…even when I don’t realize I’m on it!


It’s become a big part of our lives…sometimes it seems our lives center around it.


Which is both good and bad.


I will argue with you for days the value and importance of social media/networking when it comes to business.




I don’t need every detail of what you’re making for dinner for the next week.  Good for you and your spaghetti squash but it’s a little much.


It has become quite difficult for us to live without facebook…its just how technology/society has evolved.


But could you give it up for a day? How about 99?


I’ll tell you right now…I 150% could absolutely not do it.


A Netherlands based non-profit group is conducting a social experiment…give up facebook for 99 days.


The group is trying to see if we would be happier without facebook.


Its really a simple process, you change your picture to their 99 Days logo and give up facebook for 99 days…they will send you surveys throughout the process to see how happy/unhappy you are.


The campaign was launched on July 8th and so far over 1,000 people gave signed up to participate.


I gave up facebook for lent my freshman year of college, once I got through the first few days it wasn’t so bad…I then joined twitter during that time so it probably wasn’t a valid Lenten season.


I had to admit there is something liberating and calming about not being on facebook for a few days…even a few hours really!


I’m interested in seeing what this studies shows about happiness and facebook…I think it will be hard to measure but I imagine people will be somewhat happier not being tied to constant news feeds about how much your friends life sucks or how happy your newly engaged friends are.


Could you give up facebook for 99 days? If you could, do you think you would be happier?


I definitely cannot and will not. I'm not sorry ha!

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