Female Fiasco: The Lies We Tell Each Other

Jul 08, 2014 -- 7:10am



Sometimes women lie.


Okay, women lie a lot. About a wide variety of things.


Sometimes women lie because we just cannot tell our friends the ugly truth…yes that shade of lipstick does make you look like a clown and he is not going to call you because he’s just not interested…we don’t really want to hear this…even though we probably don’t believe you, it just makes us feel better to hear the lies come out of someone else’s mouth.


Elite Daily.com came up with some of the top lies women tell each other to preserve the other woman’s feelings.


Trust me, we know it wrong to do this so we don’t hurt your feelings…but when it comes down to us, we are probably going to lie to you more times then not when it comes to the uncomfortable stuff.


Here are the top lies we tell each other to make each other feel better…


-He’s going to call-He’s not going to call. Or he would have by now.


-You look fine- this is one is the worst! When I see girls out with her friends and she is looking like a hot mess I get so mad because at some point before they left the house she turned to her BFF and said “How do I look?” and the best friend said, fine…or probably even worse…she probably used the word ‘great’…its just wrong! You know she looks like a hot mess!


-No, I’m not mad-She’s probably is…if you have to ask…she is.


-She’s not that hot-She could be KATE FREAKING UPTON, if shes dating your friends ex…she is not that hot. Fact. No one involved believes this.


-It was a good experience-I can’t even count how many times my friends and I have said this to each other…the gross cockroach infested hostile we lived in abroad…”It was a good experience”…the jerks we dated in college…”it was a good experience”...etc, etc.


-It’ll take 15 minutes-When does ANYTHING ever take 15 minutes? Never.


We all do this…it doesn’t look like we are going to stop lying to each other anytime soon…at least we have good intentions right? Right? RRRIIIIGGGHHHTTT????


Okay most of the time we have good-ish intentions.

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