Female Fiasco: Loose Two Friends

Jul 07, 2014 -- 7:10am


It’s always exciting to start dating a guy! It’s new and fun…you’re giddy and excited…borderline obsessed with that person…but its important not to forget your friends!


Glamour.com is reporting on a study from Oxford University (they are really smart there) that says that once you start dating a guy you end up loosing two of your girlfriends.


Well this is horrible news!


Oxford University says that women have a core group of 5 friends, and once we get in to relationships we loose 2 of them.


So this is bad news…very sad…but there is some good news too…oh thank goodness!


Oxford says you loose friends because “you have less time, someone gets jealous, or you simply drift away from your former single life”… But according to the study, there is (sort of) a happy ending: The two friends you lose are eventually replaced by one new friend (presumably one you make through your new guy)”


You win some you loose some.


I’m big on not ditching your friends when you start dating someone…I have friends that disappear when they get boyfriends and it really grinds my gears!  I’ll always still be there for them when they rejoin the world but I just don’t get why you can’t make time for your friends!


There is most certainly enough time to squeeze everyone in!


Although if those friends aren’t your friends anymore because they are jealous or something like that, you probably would have drifted away from them at some point anyway.


Good friends will always still be there when you reel yourself back in to the real world!


But you should never ditch your girlfriends! NEVER.

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