David Kroll Honors the Families of our Troops

Nov 06, 2012 -- 8:15am
In Honor of Veterans Day Artist David Kroll Partners With Code of Support Foundation
Proceeds from Sales of "Little Soldiers" Goes To Organization
Nashville TN November 5, 2012 -- When David Kroll wrote and recorded the song "Little Soldiers," he knew he had to find a special place for it.  In honor of Veterans Day (November 11th), the artist and Tenacity Records have partnered with the Code of Support Foundation and will be donating proceeds from a two-week sales period to the organization (November 5th - 18th).  The Foundation's mission is to bridge the gap between civilian and military America. Kroll's song, co-written with Arlos Smith ('Mayberry') acknowledges the sacrifices made by the families of those serving their country.


"David came to us with the idea of putting this song out there to honor the families of service members and veterans, and then we both agreed that we wanted to try and have a positive impact past the song itself," said Mike Kraski, President of Tenacity Records.  "That's when we started looking around for a partner who could benefit from any money raised by sales of this song. We all felt the Code of Support Foundation was a great choice and could put money the sales of this recording generates to good use, helping the families of the enlisted men and women who are serving our country."


According to Kroll, many songwriters and artists have written and recorded songs that are a fitting and appropriate tribute to the enlisted men and women who serve our country each and every day, but few songs acknowledge the families who are making their own special sacrifices while their loved ones are serving.


"The song was inspired by a friend of mine who had just married and a month later her husband was deployed to Afghanistan," Kroll explained. "And hers is not a unique story.  She didn't enlist, but she is serving and that's what 'Little Soldiers' is all about.  I wanted to shine the light on the families here who are making sacrifices every day for our country and make sure their own particular service isn't forgotten."


The song is available now on iTunes. For more information on Kroll, please visit:


About The Code of Support Foundation

The Code of Support Foundation is a 501(c)(3) IRS-approved tax-deductible organization whose core mission is to bridge the gap between civilian and military America. It's name derives from the Code of Support for our troops which all Americans are asked to sign (www.codeofsupport.org) as a tangible commitment of support for our troops, wounded warriors, military families and veterans in recognition of their selfless service and sacrifice on our behalf. The foundation identifies critically under-resourced needs of these military community members and through cooperation and partnerships with other 501(c)(3) organizations, works to fulfill those needs.



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