Female Fiasco: 5 Ways You Know You've Found 'The One'

Jan 24, 2014 -- 7:10am

I came across an article posted on YourTango.com yesterday describing the ‘5 Ways You Know You’ve Found The One’…don’t get me wrong, they are all good ways to know you’ve hooked the crème de la crème…but I’m going to be honest, they are a little generic, boring and should all be ‘givens’. 


Just sayin’


Here are the original ways to tell you’ve found ‘The One’


5 Ways You Know You've Found The One(According to YourTango.com)

1. You Like His Friends
An ex once said to me, "You don't like my friends, and I don't understand yours." That pretty much summed up our relationship. You are the company you keep. If you don't like your man's group of friends, chances are you eventually will not care all that much for your man either. Friends are important, unlike family, they are the people we actually get to choose to be around. You don't need to like all the same people, but it's helpful if you at least like some.

2. He Follows Through
Dr. Pat Allen says that one of the only ways you can tell if someone is trustworthy, is if they do what they say they are going to do. Having a man who follows through on what he says, is one of the most helpful attributes you can find. Imagine not having to worry or nag or check up on your man. Ladies, this is called being an adult, so find a man who is one. Your life will thank you for it.

3. He Shows You He Cares
If you read The 5 Love Languages, you can learn a lot. Not everyone feels and gives love in the same way. Some people show their love through gifts, others feel loved through affection. Reading this book can help you identify the ways in which you feel most loved, and recognize the ways in which your man shows you love. You can have further conversations from there, as long as you recognize that indeed he shows you he cares.

4. He Wants You Around
One of the Love Languages is Quality Time. While it may not be either of your top Love Languages, time spent together is important. If your man is constantly okay with you not being around, it may be time to look for someone else. Time together, especially time alone, helps build not only a bond, but a foundation your relationship can grow from. There will come a time when it is going to be just the two of you more often than not, so it's best you get to know and enjoy each other now.

5. He's Ready
There are some really great guys out there, who are just not ready. Maybe they are focused on their business, health or healing from a past relationship. Regardless of what they are going through, if a man isn't ready, he isn't ready. This doesn't mean he is a bad guy, it just means he is not your guy, at least not right now. So many women try to push men to want what they want. If this is you, try and let him go. He may come back around, and if he doesn't you've got to believe that there is someone better suited for you. He always comes when you least expect it.



Pretty boring and generic right?


I told you. 


I came up with 5 things it would take for a guy to do to get me to say ‘I think you’re the one’


Now I’m not saying these are the only 5 things a guy would need to do to qualify as ‘the One’…but I don’t really have time to write ALLof those things down!!  So here are some of the important ones…


The 5 Ways I Will Know He’s ‘The One’ (According to Tory)


5. He cleans the snow off my car and warms it up for me because he knows how much I hate doing that. (Not that anyone really enjoys that, but I REALLY REALLY HATE IT)


4. He plans naps in to day-to-day life. (And knows I’m a 2 hour napper not a 20 minute napper)


3. He sits quietly during the Real Housewives…He doesn’t have to enjoy it, but if he sits there silently while I comment out loud about or, sometimes to the Housewives, without snarky comments or judgment, he’s the one!! (Bonus if he knows how much I hate the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Miami)


2. He picks the restaurants we go to because he knows I have problems making decisions when it comes to my meals! (Bonus if he picks a brunch place with bottomless mimosas)


1. He brings me coffee from my favorite place just the way I like it! I can’t tell you how I like it or where my favorite place is because he might see this eventually and I can’t have him cheating! (Bonus if he also brings my best friend coffee too)



I think those are pretty managable!!


What specific things would make you realize someone was 'The One'?


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