Female Fiasco: SPANX

Jan 23, 2014 -- 7:10am


Ladies…spanx…lets admit it, most of us have worn them at some point in our lives…they aren’t that pleasant to have on, but they are slimming!!


Anything that makes me look 10lb lighter in minutes is a HECK YES in my book!!!


Well ladies, obviously, something this good, always has a catch…of course there is…why can’t we just be in pain to look thinner than we are without consequences?!  UGH!


The Huffington Post did some research on how our shape wear is affecting our bodies…

They found that shape wear can worsen acid reflux, heartburn, provoke erosive esophagitis, compress our bowels and disrupt our digestion process…well this is great. Really excellent!


The article admits spanx are a miracle…DUH…but suggests we don’t wear them on a day-to-day basis.


They also stress the importance of getting the right size of shape wear…it is actually important to not get shape wear that is too small for you…even though its job is to squeeze you in…if its too small on top of it…you might pass out from not being able to breath and we don’t want that!


Like I said earlier, they aren’t the most pleasant thing to wear, as they do squeeze everything in…so I’m pretty sure no one wears them every day…but is it too much to ask for us to be able to look slim in minutes without heart burn, acid reflux and smushed organs?! I really don’t think it is.


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