Halloween Party Recipies

Oct 23, 2012 -- 8:15am

If you're having a Halloween Party, here are some ideas to spice it up food wise!!!


Bugs in dirt sandwiches:For this you will need white bread, a pack of mixed bug shaped lollies and milo. First, spread your slices of bread with margerine or butter. Then, sprinkle the buttered slices with milo until completely coated. Carefully stick the bugs firmly into the milo and place remaining slice of bread on top. Voila! you have bugs in dirt sandwhiches!

Graveyard Treat:Crush a full bag of Oreo cookies and spread some in the bottom of the pan. Reserve the other half for the top. Next mix chocolate pudding and coolwhip, and spread over the crust. Spread the remaining crumbs over the pudding, covering completely. Use cookies to represent the tombstones, oval cookies are best, you can even pipe on saying with icing (R.I.P. etc) I have some bats on sticks that I stick down in the cookie tombstones (if they are sandwich
cookies). Just use your imagination to decorate your graveyard. Hope you enjoy
this ghoulish treat. Happy Haunting!

BLOODY POPCORN: Add some red food colouring to the butter while melting it and pour over the popcorn.

SWAMP SLIME: Make green jello. Put some of it in clear plastic containersand put some aside. When the jello starts to solidify, add various gummy bugs. Beat the rest of the jello to a froth and add to the top of the slime. Let jello set.
DIRT: Put chocolate pudding in clear plastic containers and imbed a gummy worm or two. Cover the top of the pudding with crushed chocolate cookie crumbs. It looks good if a worm is peeking out of the dirt.

WITCHES BREW: This makes a nice foaming drink. In a clear punch bowl mix equal parts blue kool-aid and lemon-lime pop. Add some crushed dry ice, and continue to add more every half hour or so. Caution! Don't let kids serve themselves, because dry ice can cause lips and tongue to freeze. Scoop it out yourself and leave the dry ice in the bottom.


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