Female Fiasco: How Many People Women Date Before Finding 'The One'

Jan 22, 2014 -- 7:10am


Some people meet ‘The One’ when they are kids, some meet them online, some meet them in the produce section of the grocery store (Still hasn’t happened for me yet, fingers crossed), etc....


Some people date 1 person, some people date many people before meeting ‘The One’…it obviously varies for every person.


Well a study posted on Telegraph.co.uk figured out the average number of frogs we women have to kiss before we find ‘The One’…ladies, brace yourselves.


According to this study, “the average woman will kiss 15 men, enjoy two long-term relationships and have her heart broken twice before she meets ‘The One’ “


The study also says we will have 4 nightmare dates, stood up once, in love twice, have lived with one of our exes and have 4 one night stands! 


When you look at the dating process all laid out like this…its like having another full time job!!


These are just averages for the women that were surveyed in the study, but its cool to see it all at once…and there is something comforting in seeing, written on paper, that we all go through trials and tribulations when it comes to dating…especially after the horrible dates…good news ladies! We are all in this rough dating world together!!


I'm still putting a lof of my eggs in the basket of 'The One' finding me in the produce section of the HyVee...


'The One', if you're reading this, I'll meet you by the apples!


The study also compares men and women’s stats for meeting ‘The One’...


Pathway to meeting 'The One' (Women/Men)

Number of relationships 7/8

Disaster dates 4/4

Blind dates 2/3

Stood up on a date 1/2

Online dates 2/3

Number of kisses 15/16

Sexual partners 7/10

One night stands 4/6

Relationships (year or less) 3/4

Relationships (year or more) 2/2

Partners lived with 1/1

Falling in love 2/2

Heart break 2/2

Times cheated on 1/1

Times cheater 1/1

Long distance relationships 1/1



It's like Pat Benatar says, “Love is a battlefield” 

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