Female Fiasco: Irrational Dating Deal-Breakers

Jan 21, 2014 -- 7:10am


Glamour.com posted an article about 5 irrational dating deal-breakers!


While they are irrational…a deal breaker is a deal breaker!


Here is Glamour’s list of 5 irrational deal-breakers:


"I have never dated a man with a hairy back. It just doesn't work for me. Grooming is an equal-opportunity, two-way street."

"This might not be irrational, but I can't date a smoker. I have plenty of friends who smoke and I don't mind, but my eyes water just thinking about cuddling up to someone who smells like cigarettes."

"I have a thing against dating men who wear flip-flops to places other than, like, a beach or a pool. Men's feet are so gross, who wants to see that?!"

“I must admit, I get irrationally turned off when a guy seems too into working out. Like, fit and active are good, but if he's super into CrossFit or marathons, I don't like it. I just saw this guy describe himself as a "gym rat" on his online dating profile and I felt barfy.”

"I would judge a guy who had a Hotmail email address and no stamps on his passport, and who really loves dogs."


I have to admit I love the Hotmail email address as a deal-breaker…although I kind of sort of agree…unless you have a professional email as well and only use your Hotmail for your Fantasy Football League or March Madness Polls!


This got me thinking about what some irrational deal-breakers I have…I think my biggest one would be someone allergic to dogs…because that would mean I would never get to have one since you would sneeze, cough, get a rash and oh I don’t know go in to anaphylactic shock or something… that’s just not going to work for me because I NEED to have dogs.


Another big one would be someone who is vegan/super picky when it comes to healthy eating…I would want us to be able to go grab a pizza, or Mexican, or pasta and every other food that is non-vegan/healthy and not have to worry about you judging me for enjoying pizza!!


Skinny Jeans/Meggings/Ugg Boots-If you wear Ugg boots, meggings and/or skinny jeans…you and I can be friends…but never anything more.  Ever.  


What are some of your irrational deal-breakers?! Email me at Tory@1017thebull.com or tweet me @ToryTheBull!

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