Female Fiasco: A Vicious Cycle

Jan 20, 2014 -- 7:10am


I’m sure a lot of you, or a lot of people you know, are in their ‘eat healthy, work out, lose weight’ frame of mind following the holidays!


I can say I start a diet every Monday and swear to go to the gym every single day. No excuses. Processed sugars and carbohydrates will not defeat me!


And by Monday afternoon I’m exhausted from the week already and vow to go to the gym tomorrow.


It’s a vicious circle that I go through on a weekly basis… ESPECIALLY after the holidays!


It’s just no fun, and pizza is just so good!


Well I have some not so great news…according to an article from Female First, research says one in six of us trying to lose our holiday weight will end up gaining weight!


So of the six of us on the ellipticals at the gym, one of us will end up gaining weight! 




Comfort eating during the worst month of the year (in my opinion it’s the worst month of the year), boredom (I often confuse boredom with hunger) and lack of willpower are all reasons given…well no surprise there…I’m guilty of all of those things at once!


The research also says our social schedules are clearer in the month of January which in theory makes it a good time to shed the holiday pounds but at the same time its easier to snack during the down-time.


So we are damned if we do, and damned if we don’t.




What a vicious cycle


The good news is there are only 12 days left in the horrible month of January and Valentine’s Day will be here and we can all live off of chocolate in the shapes of hearts…


That’s heart healthy in my book!


Until then…pass the bread…I mean broccoli.  

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