Female Fiasco: Sweet Sweet Revenge

Oct 22, 2013 -- 7:10am

Yesterday, I came across a video from the Katie Couric show…Katie was interviewing a woman named Jennifer who got some sweet revenger on her ex-boyfriend in an EPIC way.


Here’s what happened….


Jennifer went on to a dating site for plus-sized women…she starting dating a man who pursued her heavily.


So she gets to a point where she likes him a lot …and then he started giving her a hard time about her weight and suggests that she maybe should try to lose some of it…jerk.  A**hole. 


As if making her feel bad about herself and her weight isn’t horrible enough…he tells Jennifer (a brunette), that he is really attracted to blondes and asked her if she ever would consider dying her hair?!


Well someone deserves a punch in the face…or five. 


So after breaking up with him…she and her friends set him up on a blind date with a skinny, blonde woman who spent the date calling him out on his physical flaws and suggesting he change things about himself!




I would have loved to be a fly on the wall during that date!!! 


Jennifer has since lost 68 lbs…not that she needed to…and she is as fierce as can be!


Jennifer, we salute you!


Scratch that…Jennifer, we BOW DOWN to you and kiss the ground you walk on!!


Guys…this is how NOT to treat your women! 


And listen very carefully…women are very creative people…throw in some wine and a couple girls’ nights, and who knows what kind of revenge we are capable of.


Just throwing it out there as a courtesy warning!


Treat us like the goddesses we are, and you will be just fine.


Here is the video of Jennifer’s interview on the Katie Couric Show.


Ladies, have you ever gotten some sort of revenge on your ex?! Email me at Tory@1017thebull.com or tweet me @ToryTheBull

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