Female Fiasco: Breaking Up-Theres an app for that

Oct 18, 2013 -- 7:10am

Breaking up with someone is sometimes a hard thing to do…it’s awkward, uncomfortable, unpleasant, etc. (add all the rest of the weird emotions that you feel when breaking up with someone…or getting broken up with)


Well good news! There is now an app that will do the breaking up for you!


For those of us who are sometimes a little bit awkward and not too great in dealing with confrontation this could be our saving grace!


The App is .99 cents…I’m not big on paying for apps but to avoid the emotional distress that is a breakup….99 cents is probably worth it.


Before the App sends the break up text it asks you a bunch of questions…how long you’ve been dating, why you want to end the relationship, etc…and then it generates an appropriate break up text to send to your boyfriend/girlfriend! 


WOW, did life just get a little easier?!  You bet your bottom dollar it did!


I know it is better to do the breaking up in person…but it’s a hard thing to do!


Lets say…maybe really try to do it in person…really give it your best effort…the people doing the breaking up should make the people they are breaking up feel as little pain as possible…and I’m sure a break up text would not be the way to achieve the ‘little pain as possible’ thing!


However, if he/she really ended up being a jerk and screwed up in a big way…I think a break up text would be just fine.


Do you think it is okay to break up with someone in a text?  Have you done this/had this done to you? 


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