Female Fiasco: We Should Date 3 Guys at Once?

Oct 16, 2013 -- 7:10am

I just read an article on Yahoo about a dating coach, Rori Raye, and in this article she says that we should be dating AT LEAST 3 guys at once!




What does that even mean? I’m just as confused as you are.


Well according to Rori Raye (that name just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it!) “Circular dating is a therapeutic tool that has nothing to do with ‘the strategy of finding Mr. Right, It’s about putting yourself out there in social situations where you can interact and date many men without having an agenda.”


 Rori Raye says we need to go out with all different types of guys all at once…she says AT LEAST 3 at once!!


3!  RORI RAYE! Isn’t dating 1 guy at a time hard enough!!  How are we supposed to juggle 3 or more!?!


Now I’m sure Rori Raye (I just love saying that) is a dating coach for a reason, she probably knows what she is talking about…but for real who has time to date 3 guys at once?!


I’m exhausted just thinking about it!!


I think I would have to date 3 guys with all the same name so it would be easy to keep track of them!


Look I’m sure Rori Raye, is a pro but I’m going to stick to one at time!


Ladies, what do you think?  Should we all circular date?! Have you dated more than 1 guy at a time!? How’d that work out?!


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