Female Fiasco: 'Hot Mom'

Oct 15, 2013 -- 7:10am

So I’ve seen a few different stories about a mom of 3 who is in amazing shape!  And because she is in AMAZING shape…she posted a picture of herself in work-out gear with her kids with the caption, ‘What’s Your Excuse?’


The article talks about how she balances her life with all her responsibilities…including being able to work out.


She has a routine of getting up at 6am, working out 6 days a week, not watching tv, etc


She has been receiving a lot of backlash because of it!  A lot of people are commenting saying things a long the line of, ‘you should be paying attention to your kids and they need you more than you need to exercise’


There are a good amount of ‘You Go Girl’ comments, but I’m more concerned with the people giving this lady a hard time!


Why is it such a big deal that a woman who worked hard to get herself in good shape, and live a healthy life can’t promote that without being brought down?


Am I jealous that I don’t look like that?  HECK YES I AM!


Am I going to stop watching TV and working out 6 days a week for at least an hour?  Probably not…okay, okay definitely not… I have too many shows that would miss me!


The woman said she posted it to inspire others with a ‘If I can do it, you can too’ type of thing…I get that, thanks for the inspiration.


But really, how she looks or doesn’t look DOES NOT change my life in any way…so it’s really unnecessary for me to comment good or bad.


If a mother of 3 all under the age of 3 can look that good…a 23 year old with no children and not much responsibilty certainly should be able to get herself to the gym every day.


Well this 23 year old can’t …sometimes I go to the gym and sometimes I don’t…and because of that I can’t be mad at the woman and mass amounts of people who do…its my own fault/choice to go or not go…just like its this woman’s choice to live this lifestyle and look that good!


I think however we chose to look or not look is our own choice that we really shouldn’t have to justify to anyone and we MOST CERTAINLY SHOULD NOT try to bring others down based on how they look!


If you don’t look like her and want to, do something about it. 


If you don’t look like her, and don’t really care to, then don’t try to look like her… but lets not  S*** on her (or anyone) for working her A** off to look that good!


As long as my jeans button in the morning, I’m a happy girl. 


Life is rough enough, lets not make it harder on each other!


Cheers to the girls whose jeans button in the morning!!


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