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Female Fiasco: I'd like to buy this guy a drink...or five

Apr 18, 2014 -- 7:10am


Proposing to your girlfriend is no easy task!


I’m so glad it is not something I will have to take on in my life!


Guys, kudos to you for fighting through the expenses and nerves that comes along with proposing to your significant other!


For real, claps for you, what a hard task!!


One guy just took nerves to a new level!


The Daily Mail reports, when “Sharif Uddin, 31, tried to propose to girlfriend of four years Stephanie Jackson, 32, he became so overcome with nerves that he fumbled and dropped the engagement ring into a murky lake”




My heart literally just dropped in to my stomach!


Hold on a second, I need to take deep breaths.




How horrible is this!


The couple then spent 3 hours with rubber gloves and a sieve digging through the mud to find the ring that Sharif designed himself!


Stephanie said, “There was a lot of swearing - he dived into the pond pretty much straight away, forgetting completely he had his mobile in his pocket.”


But they did find it!




Stephanie said yes to his proposal!


Can you imagine if she said NO!! Phew, glad it worked out for them!

Female Fiasco: Reverse Aging

Apr 17, 2014 -- 7:10am


Women spend a ton of money trying to prevent their skin from aging. 


Creams, serums, vitamins, Botox, facelifts…the list goes on!


My mom has a whole separate room in the house for her anti-aging lotions and potions!!


Well maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration…but she has a lot!


There might be an easier way to stop the aging of your skin…exercise.


Oh great, my favorite thing…N.O.T.


Science is saying it can stop the aging of your skin! If that’s the case, I’ll meet you all at the gym!


The study out of Ontario, Canada, shows that the skin of the people who exercised regularly looked significantly younger…20 years younger!!


They also tested it on people over the age of 65 and after regularly exercising, their skin looked like that of a 20-40 year old!!


It is really clear that regular exercise is so important! It’s a battle I knew I would never win!!

Check out the full study here!

Female Fiasco: Life Changing Hacks to Make Adulthood Easier

Apr 16, 2014 -- 7:10am


Being an adult is not the easiest! Life in general can sometimes be rough…luckily there are people in the world who are 'out of the box' thinkers (I am not one of those people) who come up with different ways of doing things/using items that make life a little easier!!


Gotta love some life-hacks!


Cosmo.com has a list of ‘20 Life Changing Hacks to Make Adulthood Easier’…I am loving where this is heading!!


Here are my top 5 favorite!!


5. Wrapping a wet paper towel around your warm beer and putting it in the freezer will make it frosty in 15 minutes…there is no time to waste!! I also have no patience so this is great for me!


4. When you heat leftovers, space out a circle in the center of them. It will make them heat more evenly…JUST YES! Standing Ovation. 


3. Frozen grapes chill white wine while you drink it…anything that enhances my wine drinking deserves a Nobel Prize!


2. If someone keeps texting you and won’t leave you alone, send this message: “SERVICE ERROR 305: MESSAGE DELIVERY FAILED. FURTHER MESSAGES WILL BE CHARGED TO YOUR ACCOUNT”…this is so great.  Take that, person that won’t leave me alone!!


1. If you sent a text to the wrong person-put your phone in ‘Airplane’ mode and it won’t deliver…MIND.BLOWN. This is probably the best life hack I’ve ever come across!! I would imagine you would need to switch to airplane mode pretty quickly though, but still, its AHHHHH-MAZING!


Here is the full list of ‘20 Life Changing Hacks to Make Adulthood Easier’

Thank you to the 'out of the box' thinkers! I’m so glad we have people like you to figure these things out for us 'in the box thinkers'!


Female Fiasco: Clean Your Cellphones

Apr 15, 2014 -- 7:10am


Do you ever clean your cell phone?  Did you ever think to clean your cell phone?


I only started cleaning my cell phone a few years ago. 


Your cell phone is one of the germiest surfaces you encounter!


TIME.com has results of a study from The Wall Street Journal...it describes it as a “festering, cesspit of bacteria”


Well when you put it that way!!!


Phones were tested for bacteria and the results were SHOCKING!!!  There were “abnormally high numbers of coliforms, a bacteria indicating fecal contamination,” reports the Journal, with about 2,700to 4,200 units of the bacteria on each phone. (Drinking water is supposed to have less than one unit of the bacteria per half-cup.)”


Think of how small our phones are! That’s a lot of bacteria for such a small surface!


The study also says the types of bacteria found on our phones can cause pink eye, the flu and diarrhea!




We take our phones everywhere!! Think about how many germs are being picked up and transferred by it!


Plus, ladies, if you wear make-up, that will get transferred on to your phone and then back on to your face for days later!


I try to clean my phone now as much as possible…there are special cleaners you can get for them but I just use a little rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. 


It’s such a simple thing but definitely one of those things I didn’t think of from the get go

Female Fiasco: I call BS

Apr 14, 2014 -- 7:10am


I’m a big supporter of naps! I’m pro-naps!

I strongly believe that any day can be greatly improved with a nap…bad day, sick day, busy day, stressed day, sad day, happy day…any type of day your having will be exponentially better if there is a nap involved.


From a twenty-minute nap to a two hour nap and everything in between…naps are just a great great great thing!  I believe daily naps should be mandatory!


Well a 13 year study is saying otherwise…The American Journal of Epidemiology says that if you take naps your life will be shorter.


“The report, which was performed by researchers at Cambridge University, studied the habits of over 16,000 men and women in Britain and found that those who take naps during the day are almost a third more likely to die before they turn 65.”


The study says daily naps of an hour or more can result in respiratory illness! In fact, these naps DOUBLE your chance of respiratory illness. WELL THIS IS CRAP!


Look, I’m no Doctor…but I’m calling BS on this!! B.S.


I start to feel ill if I DON’T nap!!!! Naps just make you feel better!


There has to be another way of preventing respiratory illness besides taking our naps away!


You can read the bologna against naps here!!


Some Helpful Advice!

Apr 11, 2014 -- 8:28am

Today on the show, we talked about the things you should ask yourself before sending a Tweet or Facebook Post!!

Here are '10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Every Tweet' from MTV's Guy Code Blog


1. “Will I Lose My Job?”

Peeing on food, when your job is to cook food, isn’t a good move. Telling the world about it is an even worse one.

2. “Am I Signed Into My Own Account?”

Sometimes you think you’re tweeting something fun and a**holey. Then you realize you forgot to log out of your work account and it no longer seems so fun, just a**holey. (And like with the previous question, yes, you might lose your job.)

3. “Do I Know What I’m Talking About?”

Feel free to do a quick Wiki before you announce how dumb you are.

4. “Will I Be Arrested?”

Turns out you just confessed. Your cellmates are not gonna pity you much.

5. “Maybe This Is A Little Racist?”

Social media is one place where your ignorance won’t go ignored.

6. “Is It Obvious I’m Joking?”

Sarcasm can be hard to detect — but thousands of mocking replies won’t be.

7. “Will I Sound Entitled?”

When declaring how school’s for fools, try not to be your team’s third string quarterback.

8. “Does ANYONE Want To See This?”

While you might look great for 70, you’re still grossing everybody the f*ck out.

9. “Is This TMI?”


10. “Will Everybody On Earth Hate Me?”


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