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Female Fiasco: NEVER EVER

May 28, 2015 -- 7:10am

There is absolutely no reason for this to ever occur!




You should never propose or get engaged at someone else’s wedding.




People spend so much money and time planning their wedding…it’s their day. All about them. They are the focus. THEM.


It’s even worse if you propose right in front of the bride and groom.


Someone did that and the Internet is livid!


A picture was uploaded to Reddit last week of a bride and groom sitting at their wedding reception as a couple gets engaged literally right in front of them!


The picture has now been viewed 1.36 million times.


The bride and groom look happy for the newly engaged couple…but you can tell the bride is hiding a lot of rage in that fake smile of hers!


The internet is outraged! OUTRAGED!!!


I feel ya, internet!!


There is nothing less personal or special than proposing to your significant other at someone else’s wedding!!!






What do you think? Is this okay to do? How would you react if this happened at your wedding?


I will go all Incredible Hulk if that happens at my wedding.


See the picture and backlash here!


A bit of advice, if you were planning on getting engaged at someone else’s wedding, DON’T!

Female Fiasco: Drew was right

May 27, 2015 -- 7:10am

Drew was right.


I hate admitting when Drew is right…it doesn’t happen very often, but here we are.


Yesterday, I kind of scolded Drew for not washing his clothes in warm or hot water. He says he washes all his clothes in cold.


Turns out, he is right. I cringe as I type that.


We should be washing our clothes in cold water.


According to io9.com, laundry exerts a large global footprint and “Of the total energy use and greenhouse-gas emissions produced by a single load of laundry, approximately 75% of it comes from warming the water itself.”


According to Consumer Reports, doing laundry in cold water will save you upwards of $60 per year”


Not only does it save money, it helps your clothes last longer.


Still cringing. I hate when Drew is right!


If it’s better for the environment, my clothes and will save me money…I guess I’m following in Drew’s footsteps and will be washing my clothes in cold water now.


Read more about why it’s better to wash your clothes in cold water here!

Female Fiasco: Short Hair

May 26, 2015 -- 7:10am

I don’t do well with change…especially when it comes to my hair…I’ve had pretty much the same hair style for most of my 25 years.


I understand change can be a good thing and is a big part of life, but for some reason changing my hair is one thing I just cannot do! Maybe because it’s change I can control? Who knows, I just cannot make big changes when it comes to my hair.


What if I cut all my hair off and it looks terrible?! Yes it will grow back, but it will take a long time!


A lot of celebrities make the change to short locks and kill it! They also have people around them making sure it looks good at all times…we regular people are not so lucky!


If you are considering a big change, like cutting your hair short, how do you know it will be worth it?!


The 2.25 inch rule of course!


Well of course.


Hair expert Jon Frieda studied faces and came up with the 2.25 inch rule as a way of determining whether short hair works with your face!


To take the test, hold a pencil horizontally under your chin and a ruler under your ear vertically. Measure the distance from your ear to the pencil. If it’s less than 2.25 inches, short hair should look great on you. Over 2.25 inches, a longer cut might be more flattering.”


For people like me who are so high strung about big changes like this, I can see the 2.25 inch rule being a great way to ease your mind about the change you’re about to make.


The good news is, it’s just hair, if you don’t like it, it will grow back! Go for it!


I repeat that to myself all the time but I still can’t convince myself to make a big change!

Female Fiasco: Girlllll you are looking' goooood today!

May 22, 2015 -- 7:10am

“Girl you’re killin’ it today!”


“You are looking like a 10 today!”


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to get compliments like these throughout your day?!


What a confidence booster that would be!


 A Japanese company has invented a bra that delivers positive and uplifting messages to you throughout the day!


NO S***! You’re bra will talk to you throughout the day and tell you you’re killin’ it!


Its makers say it contains sensors which can pick up nervousness in the woman’s voice or an increased pulse rate. Tiny speakers built into the stitching then deliver encouraging messages such as: ‘If you give it your best, you’ll be okay! Go for it!’”


It’s like a fortune cookie bra!


Our bra’s offer us so much physical support and now they offer emotional support as well!




You can even ask your bra if you look beautiful…and it answers you!


This is great!


Hey Bra am I lookin’ good today?




It would be better if you can program different voices…like your GPS!!


This is perfect!

Female Fiasco: REALLY?

May 21, 2015 -- 7:10am

No one ever thought it would come to this…really though, I’m pretty sure this is a thing we never even thought we would have to address…but here we are.


Crayola Crayons has issued a statement urging people to stop using their colored pencils as makeup.


Yep, a real statement warning people about this.


For us to have statements and warnings about stuff like this…SOMEONE HAS TO BE DOING IT!!!!!!!


I honestly have never once thought, “Hey I bet colored pencils would make great makeup!”


Never. Not once.


Call me an ‘In the Box Thinker’ but you know what I think makes good makeup?! MAKEUP!


Apparently there are a lot of YouTube stars that are endorsing the use of colored pencils as makeup!


This is why we can’t have nice things.


In their statement, Crayola says, Although our products are nontoxic, we do not recommend using them to make eyeliner, lip stick or other make-up, and strongly discourage their use in this manner. The products were never intended to be used on the skin or face in this manner. Make-up goes through specific and rigorous testing because it is intended to be used on the skin. Because they were never meant to be used as make-up, our colored pencils or crayons have not been tested in the same way and should not be used as a cosmetic. They are not designed, tested or approved for this purpose.”


Why why why would you mess with something as important as your eyes?!?!


I’m baffled. Just completely baffled!


There are some not so smart people in this world!


I thought we outgrew Mr. Yuck stickers when we were kids…apparently not. 


May 20, 2015 -- 7:10am



We have been living our life wrong!! Everything we’ve known is a lie!!! Everything!!!!!


My head is going to explode…your head is going to explode when you hear the lie we’ve been living!


A German microbiologist, Giulia Enders, is claiming that we have been pooping the wrong way!!


WTF? How is there a wrong way to poop!?


Enders is claiming that instead of sitting we should be squatting to poop!


Oh really lady?!


Enders says, “When you sit or stand, there's a muscle that goes around the end of the colon and it pulls, so there's a curve.'When we're in a squatting position, and have a little stool in front of the toilet, then the angle is even and straight, so there's less pressure needed.''Squatting is far more natural and puts less pressure on our bottoms.'Some experts claim we all used to squat - until the middle of the 19th century - and the demise of squatting is to blame for soaring rates of bowel and digestive issues.”


Read about the lie we've been living here! 


I don’t know where we go from here!!! What is real? My whole life has been a lie!!

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