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Female Fiasco: That's one way to go to college

Aug 28, 2015 -- 7:10am

My 4 years at Penn State were amazing!


The experience was irreplaceable!


The downfall is that 4 years of college is expensive!!


Most people come out of college with piles and piles of loans…one woman is doing an interesting thing to try to pay hers back!


Stephanie Ritter selling her diploma from Florida State University on eBay for $50,000!


According to Elite Daily, “For the low fee of $50,000, you can now purchase Ritter’s “Mint Condition Diploma” on eBay, and if you purchase it with the “Buy It Now” option, Stephanie will give you the “FULL FLORIDA STATE EXPERIENCE.”


The listing on eBay explains…


- A TOUR of Florida State University including everywhere you would have gone/eaten/partied in your four years at FSU. (Possibly includes but not limited to: Suwanee Hall and a possible Ms. Killings sighting, Jimmy Johns, Mr. Roboto, dinner at Cool Beanz, burgers & beers at Monks, drinks at Poor Pauls)

– Access to all of my college memories/Facebook albums for 6 months! (Access to any memories by phone or text between 10-7 Sunday-Thursday so you can give someone the most authentic specific memories straight from my brain to their ears)


I applaud Stephanie’s creativity and understand her struggle…but umm Stephanie, none of that is worth $50,000…especially because YOUR diploma does NOTHING for me or for anyone…and I’m pretty sure I can go see Florida State myself for a lower fee…Fingers crossed someone buys your college experience though!

Female Fiasco: VODKA

Aug 27, 2015 -- 7:10am

I will tell you I’ve got a great relationship with vodka…I really enjoy it with club soda! And my Bloody Mary’s. And with my Moscow Mules.


I’m not too picky when it comes to the type of vodka…I’m definitely passed the point of the cheap stuff you buy in college, might as well drink rubbing alcohol. Ick.


Don’t get me wrong, if I could I’d be going through bottles of Ciroc and Belvedere like it’s bottled water if I could!


I’m a middle of road type of girl.


There is a rumor that if you put cheap vodka into a water filter pitcher it makes it taste like the expensive stuff!


WHATTTT?! Could it be!!


I love a good life hack…I mean, who doesn’t?! Lets take a moment and appreciate the game changer this could be if it’s true!


The Huffington Post breaks down how vodka is distilled and how water is filtered…but we want to get to the nitty gritty of it!


Does filtering cheap vodka in a water filter pitcher make it taste more expensive?


Here’s what the tester did…”I did two rounds of tests: one with plain vodka, sipped as-is, and one with the vodka incorporated into a cocktail. For the pared-down vodka test, I gave each of my five tasters three shot glasses: one contained a cheap vodka, one had that same cheap vodka that had been put through a Brita filter six times, and one was filled with a top-shelf vodka.”


What did the testers think?!


“The results were pretty consistent: All taste testers preferred the top-shelf vodka, saying it was smoother and easier to drink. Three of the five could identify the filtered vodka as a step above the unfiltered, but it was still leagues behind the expensive stuff. And the cheap, unfiltered vodka? Let's just say the word "gasoline" was thrown around a few times.”


The tester then tested the filtered/top-shelf vodkas in cocktails to see if the taste testers could tell the difference…


The results were a toss up…half preferred the cheap stuff, half preferred the high-end!


The tester concluded that if you are going to just drink your vodka straight, you should go with the expensive stuff! 


Going with a cocktail like a Bloody Mary, the cheap stuff is probably fine…but it couldn’t hurt to filter it in a Brita pitcher!


Now I’m just thirsty!!!!


Bloody Mary anyone?!


Female Fiasco: Yawning

Aug 26, 2015 -- 7:10am

Yawns are contagious. It’s actually awful.


I hate that when someone yawns, or mentions yawning, I yawn.


Even now, I’m yawning. AHHHHH make it stop!


A yawn can tell you a lot about a person.


Oh this is just great, I don’t want to be judged based on my yawning habits!


Apparently, a new study shows that there is a connection between yawning and psychopaths.


Great, awesome.


Yawning being contagious is a sign of empathy…so the study is kind of implying that if you are not one who yawns when others yawn, then you may have psychopathic behaviors.


Now you’re not automatically a psychopath because Kelly yawned at lunch yesterday and you didn’t…it has more to do with lack of empathy.


The study is saying the more empathetic you are, the more likely you are to find yawns contagious and vice versa!


I’ve yawned at least 26 times while typing!

Female Fiasco: Your day can't be as bad as theirs

Aug 25, 2015 -- 7:10am

Breakups are the worst!


You may fight and then storm off…or cry and storm off…the saving grace is that you get to leave.


You get through the awkward break up conversation and then you both go your separate ways!


But what if you don’t get to go your separate ways…you’re stuck…on a plane…that’s delayed.


HA YES! I’m loving this already. So glad it’s not me!


This breakup on a delayed flight was all kinds of dramatic thankfully a fellow passenger, Kelly, live tweeted it!


Now there is a chance this could be fake…we wouldn’t be surprised. Even if it is fake, it’s hilarious and you will be entertained by it!


After the actual break up, Kelly informs us there is several minutes of sobbing and then it gets good…really good!


The couple starts arguing.


Here are some of the highlights of the conversation…


She said: 'I'm so glad I paid $40 extra to be on this flight with you.'


The man then says: 'I don't care.' To which she responds: 'I'm glad you don't care.' 


Kelly then tweets that the woman has demanded answers about what her partner is doing.


She asked: 'Is that what you're starting to do with me? Just slow fade me out, just like the others?'


Kelly then writes that the woman has blamed her boyfriend for her current personality.


She said: 'I want to be my best for you but you won't let me.'


This goes on…and it’s amazing…then Kelly (thank god for you Kelly) hits us with the crème de la crème…

Kelly Keegs‏‪@keegs141Aug 23

Raleigh, NC

"I'm going to ask Charlotte. I'm going to ask her the minute we get home and we'll see if your STORIES MATCH" (Omg scandal who's Charlotte?)”




Ooh I hope Charlotte saw this story so she could brace herself for the S***storm that was brewing!


Kelly (the angel of our lives) then goes on to tweet that the couple is now making out…the plane finally takes off and the couple orders a lot of booze and continues to make out.


I don’t think I’ve ever been in need of a W.T.F more than after reading this story!


That was fantastic!


It gets better though, I went to Kelly’s (the light of my life) twitter page to see how she is handling her new found fame…WHAT A GREAT LIFE CHOICE I MADE!


Kelly RT a tweet from a fellow passenger on the plane…NOLEN! Nolen says…


Nolen Young‏‪@nolenyoung14h

14 hours ago

‪@keegs141sat behind you last night in 6F. So glad you got the missing pieces of convo. The drink spill was highlight of my life.


Fabulous! Bravo! Thank you both for this! I wish I was on this plane!


Read the whole conversation here!

I wish the breakup couple the very best…and I wish Kelly was my best friend! Kelly, call me!


Female Fiasco: Hangover Makeup

Aug 24, 2015 -- 7:10am


You know how you feel after a long night of drinking…ohhhh the hangover! It’s the worst.


As if feeling hung-over isn’t bad enough…looking hung-over just adds to the misery!


I will tell you that when I am hung-over…I look rough!


It’s a look I don’t enjoy rockin’ ever!


No one does…unless you are living in Japan.


The new trend in make-up is the hung-over look…shaking my head already.


Just think, we Americans spend so much time and energy trying to not look hung-over…and they are doing it on purpose in Japan!


According to YourTango.com, “In Japan, the trend is known as byojaku face and the focus is on the flushed cheeks aspect of being hung over. To get the "I've had too much to drinky-drink" look, highlight the under-eye area with a ton of rose-colored blush.”


If this is a cool thing to do in Japan I’d fit right in…I can look hung-over without having had a long night of drinking. It’s a skill really.



Female Fiasco: Fat Water

Aug 21, 2015 -- 7:10am

There is always a new trend in fitness. It’s hard to keep up with all of them.


I try to pick on trend to get on board with but I usually end up just getting cupcakes and calling it a day.


I will tell you I’m not going to even consider getting on board with the latest trend in fitness.


Fat Water.


Yea, no. Whatever it is, I don’t want it.


It’s water with fat in it. Coconut fat to be exact.


I spend my life trying to get rid of the fat in my body…you are nuts if you think I’m going to put added fat in to my body through my water.


Through a blizzard, yes. Water, no.


Why would we drink that?


Well the inventor, Dave Asprey, says it’s extra hydrating.


Is it though?


According to Purewow.com, “He says body cells are more likely to absorb H2O molecules when they come with trace amounts of fat particles. He secondly alleges that fat-infused water gives an extra energy boost, making it a preferable pre-workout beverage. And thirdly, he says it suppresses appetites and encourages thermogenesis-the body’s method of burning fat”


The fat water comes in different flavors like lemon and orange.


Nutritionists aren’t really sure about it yet…they don’t know that it’s good for you but they don’t know that it’s not good for you.


I’m going to pass. I’ll stick with regular water and fat from doughnuts.


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