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Female Fiasco: How to eat a cupcake

Dec 30, 2015 -- 7:10am

Cupcakes are some of my favorite things in this whole world!


I find such joy in cupcakes! Who doesn’t really?


Did you know we’ve been eating cupcakes all wrong!




I say as long as you’re eating cupcakes, you’re doing life right…but there is a better way to eat them…who doesn’t want a high quality of cupcake eating experience!


If you just bite the cupcake…you don’t get a good icing to cake ratio in that bite…and that is tragic.


And bonus, you may end up with icing all over your face! No thank you!


So here is what you need to do…


Carefully twist the bottom of the cupcake until it breaks off…then put the broken off bottom on top of the icing…like a cupcake sandwich!


Now bite in to the cupcake!


The perfect ratio of cake to icing and it’s not as messy!


Life. Changed. 


Female Fiasco: The chocolate doesn't melt

Dec 29, 2015 -- 7:10am

You need to sit down because what I’m about to tell you is a game changer!


Are you sitting?!


There is now chocolate that DOES NOT MELT!


Swiss Chocolatier BarryCallebaut has created chocolate that is melt resistant up to 100 degrees!




Let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than trying to eat a candy bar in the middle of July!


You really have no chance of success. It’s a lose-lose!


You have to be so careful with it as it is no longer structurally sound…don’t even try to break a piece of a Hershey bar off along those convenient lines in July…it’s not happening!


And don’t even get me started on the fast pace in which consumption is required!


It is so stressful!


Thank goodness we have luxury chocolate that will survive in hotter temperatures!


Barry Callebaut doesn’t really specify what they did to change the chocolate game but they have said the chocolate still tastes the same!


The quality of our chocolate eating game just went up up up!


Thank you, Thank you!


*wipes tear from eye*


Female Fiasco: Viral Memes

Dec 28, 2015 -- 7:10am

Who knew there would be a study and a science on what makes those Grumpy Cat pictures go viral!


Researchers at the Universtiy of Memphis have created a program that determines which memes will end up going viral!


See the research here!


I'm personally a fan of anything Earl Dibble Jr. posts! 


Female Fiasco: Leftovers

Dec 22, 2015 -- 7:10am

I’m not a big leftovers fan. I rarely eat them.


I have this horrible habit of taking leftovers home so I’m not wasteful…but then they just sit in my refrigerator for way too long.


Sometimes I can’t even remember the last time I was in the restaurant in which the leftovers came from.


Gross. I know. I make myself cringe.


I would say 9 times out of 10 I don’t eat leftovers. Just occasionally.


What is the proper length of time leftovers are good for!?


According to Women’s Health Magazine, 4 days is the max!

Women’s Health Magazine has some other tips on keeping your leftovers in tip top shape!


Don’t leave your food sitting out for too long!


I’m guilty of this if I make soup…I let it cool before putting it in the refrigerator or freezer.


Women’s Health says if your food sits at room temperature for more than 2 hours, bacteria can grow in it.




Size of the Container


It is suggested that smaller containers are best for leftovers. The smaller the container, the faster your food will cool and reach the proper storage temperatures.


Check out the other leftover tips at Women’s Health Magazine!


Rule of thumb…if there is green and fuzzy mold…DO NOT EAT IT!


Female Fiasco: Let's get ready to eat in 2016

Dec 21, 2015 -- 7:10am

I like to eat…I wouldn’t say I’m a foodie…I’m not that adventurous…but I just like to eat. A lot.


I also enjoy keeping up with the hottest new trends!


I want us all to be prepared for what we will be facing food-wise in 2016!


Buzzfeed reports the biggest trends will be Pinterest inspired!


As a Pinterest enthusiast I am loving this already!


So lets see what we will be munching on next year!


Jello salads.


UM, I take it back, I’m hating the food trends of 2016. Jello salads!!!! GROSSSSS! Come on, we are better than this. So much better. 


Home Brewing.


Yes, I’m for it! We are going to need something to wash down the Jello salads.


Avocado Oil.


Olive oil was so 2015.  Anyone who is anyone will be cooking with Avocado oil. I guess avo oil has the “good fats”.


Savory French Toast.


Apparently we will be swapping out the maple, cinnamon, sugar, sweet flavored French Toast for more savory recipes like ‘parmesan French toast’. Look I love parmesan cheese as much as the next person (maybe more) but I don’t want parm anywhere near my French toast!


Beer and Cocktails


We are going to start making our cocktails with beer. According to Pinterest, ‘beertails’ will be the IT drinks of 2016!


Infused Oils


WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN?!  Anyone can buy oils at the grocery store, it takes a real savy DIY-er to make their own infused cooking oils!


You can see the rest of the Pinterest-predicted trends for 2016 here!


I’m going to just stick with pizza and quesadillas! I will leave all the trendy foods to the foodies!


May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!


Female Fiasco: Thank the Shipping Gods

Dec 18, 2015 -- 7:10am

If you’re still trying to finish up your Christmas shopping…coughMEcough…I have some GREAT news for you!




I’m really hoping Free Shipping Day is the new Black Friday…the new Cyber Monday!


Over 960 retailers are offering free shipping with no minimum purchase!


Can you hear that? The angels singing…Halleluiah, Halleluiah, HALLLEEELLUUUIIIAHHHH!




 Finish up your shopping today and get your gifts by Christmas eve!!!


Check out all the participating retailers here!


Good luck everyone!


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