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Female Fiasco: Vegetables

Oct 07, 2015 -- 7:10am

Kids hate eating their vegetables! I don’t blame them! I didn’t start enjoying vegetables until my twenties!


So we force our kids to eat brussel sprouts, broccoli and other gross green things!


I’m sure you parents out there have tried everything to get some veggies in to your kid’s diets!


My next door neighbor used to make her kids pancakes for dinner…the thing they didn’t know…and maybe still don’t know even though they are grown…is that their mom used to make them zucchini pancakes!


She wouldn’t tell them and the pancakes were actually delicious!


Sorry for outing you Colleen!


So what is the key to getting your kids to eat more vegetables…you don’t have to go to the extreme of hiding them in their pancakes…they are really so tasty though!


You just have to pair the broccoli with a boring food like hot dogs or chicken nuggets.


Side thought: I don’t think there is anything boring about hot dogs or chicken nuggets! YUM!


According to The Daily Mail and some researchers, children are more likely to eat more vegetables when paired with un-exciting food.


So if you pair vegetables with your kids favorite food, they are more likely to ignore the vegetables.


I would do that too!


If you serve me broccoli and a chicken quesadilla…I won’t give the broccoli a second glance!


So it works for kids and apparently girls in their twenties!


How do you get your kids to eat their vegetables?! Do you lie to them or hid them in other foods?! Email me at Tory@1017thebull.com or tweet me @ToryTheBull!


Female Fiasco: A cause I can get behind

Oct 06, 2015 -- 7:10am

We all know dark chocolate is healthy for you!




Thank god for antioxidants.


I like to eat as much dark chocolate as possible…I need all the antioxidants I can get!


We all also know that chocolate has a lot of sugar and fat that makes it so tasty…err bad for us!


There is a man named Gregory Aharonian who I would like to give the Nobel Peace Prize to in advance because he is creating better chocolate!


Aharonian’s main goal in life, it seems, is to banish sugar from our diets altogether and his chocolate is a step in the right direction.”


He is changing chocolate so it’s better for us!


All Hail Gregory!


“Using micrograms of coca plant extract, we can de-bitter unsweetened cacao,” Aharonian said. “This eliminates the need for sugar, sweeteners and much of the fat in chocolate, unleashing the medical benefits of cacao.”


Gregory plans to introduce a bar that only has 10% sugar and fat!




Female Fiasco: RE-TWEET

Oct 05, 2015 -- 7:10am

I love Twitter!


You can’t complain too much in 140 characters!


Simple and to the point!


It’s really the best!


I’ve spent many hours scrolling through the magical land of twitter!


I try to stay positive in life…especially on social media.


I’m not one to tweet about how depressing life is or whatever negative nonsense people tweet about.


I generally tweet from my phone more than my computer…it’s often easier and I have access to emojis from my phone.


Lets all be honest with ourselves…emojis make whatever you’re tweeting about a million times better.


Emojis almost always guarantee a RT! Or at least a favorite.


According to The Daily Mail, Researchers found that tweets sent from a phone were 25 per cent more negative than those sent from computers or laptops, as well as more egocentric.”


So you should tweet from your computer in order to be more positive…or just keep the negative crap off social media all together?! Now there’s a crazy thought.


There’s more…the time of day you tweet matters too! Especially in regards to when you sound the most egotistical.


“We are least self-absorbed mid-morning - between 9am and 10am – with levels gradually rising into the night, peaking around 3-4am, the researchers said. Our least self-absorbed days are Wednesdays and Sundays, the researchers found.”


I had no clue about any of this!! Maybe that’s because I only tweet about Scandal, wine and other basic things.


You can tell a lot about a person by their tweet!


Can’t we all just keep it positive on social media…unless you’re tweeting about the rollercoaster of emotions Shonda Rimes sends you on every Thursday night with #Scandal and #HTGAWM?!




Female Fiasco: Washing the dishes

Oct 02, 2015 -- 7:10am

Cleaning my dishes is one of my least favorite chores. I have a dishwasher thank goodness…but I have a lot of kitchen items that are not dishwasher friendly!


And sometimes I don’t like to empty the dishwasher so the dirty dishes pile up in the sink.


It drives me crazy having a bunch of dirty dishes in the sink but I hate cleaning them more than anything. It’s a vicious cycle!


Apparently some people find it soothing and distressing!


Really? Washing the dishes is soothing? Huh, who knew!


“Florida State University researchers say that those who do it mindfully (i.e., really smelling the soap, sensing the water temperature) enjoy increased feelings of inspiration and decreased nervousness. Not only that, but the participants who didn't practice mindfulness didn't reap any benefits. "It appears that an everyday activity approached with intentionality and awareness may enhance the state of mindfulness," they conclude.”


You know, I never find washing dishes peaceful…I usually complain the whole time…”ew this is gross I hate washing dishes, travel mugs are the worst, how are you even supposed properly clean the blades of a blender, I’m going to cut my finger off on that thing, is this over yet, how did I use so many dishes in only a few days”


Or some other version of that!


So the study suggests turning everyday mundane chores in to stress reliever activities.


HA, I doubt that’s going to happen.


If I had to pick the most relaxing chore, I would say vacuuming.


Until I suck up clothing, a penny or some other foreign objects and then it becomes a battle with the sweeper and my house gets very hostile!


Female Fiasco: Oh heavenly pizza

Oct 01, 2015 -- 7:10am

Pizza is one of the greatest foods in the whole world.


I don’t think anyone would argue with that statement.


Now that we’re talking about it, I wish I had some pizza!


I’ve encountered a few people in my life that have the nerve to blot their pizza with a napkin.


It hurts to my heart when I see people do this!


I understand that sometimes pizza is really greasy!


EMBRACE IT! That’s what makes it taste so good!


As I sit with people who blot their pizza with napkins, I shake my head in disappointment while thinking to myself, “that doesn’t make it any less bad for you!”


Jokes on me. It kind of does!




I’m still not going to do it!


Even if it does save you thousands of calories a year!


6,611 calories to be exact!


According to Labdoor, blotting your pizza saves you 40 calories a slice…that adds up in a year!


Blotting your pizza for a year is equal to almost 2 lbs off your waistline!


That doesn’t seem like a significant enough number to me to blot my pizza…but what do I know!


So I guess blot your pizza with your napkin?


It seems so un-American though! UGH!


Now I just want 5 slices of pizza!


Female Fiasco: All Hail The Coffee Maker

Sep 30, 2015 -- 7:10am


If I were on a deserted island and could only have one item with me it would be my coffee maker…in reality it would be a phone to call for help or a blender for frozen cocktails…but for today lets say it was my coffee maker!


I bow down and thank my coffee maker every morning for brewing heavenly caffeine…most people do…and if you don’t you need to start! That coffee machine is always there for you!


Your coffee maker is about to become even more supportive and your life is about to change!


You can make food in your coffee maker!






Purwow.com has come up with the 7 best things you can cook in your coffee maker!




Here are the top 3!


Steamed Vegetables

In the percolator, place a filter half full with your choice of chopped veggies. Fill the reservoir with water and turn the coffeemaker on. After ten minutes, empty the pot of water back into the reservoir and run again.


Just fill your coffeemaker with water, place the pasta in the pot with tops sticking out and turn the whole thing on (no filter needed). When the pot is about half full, push the rest of the spaghetti down into it. Strain and serve.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Fill the reservoir and place up to six eggs in the glass pot. Turn the coffeemaker on, then once the water has filtered through, leave on for ten more minutes. Drain before soaking the eggs in cold water.


The possibilities are really endless though!


You can even make salmon in a coffee maker!




Jus think! The time you’ll save cooking!


Although I’m sure you’ll have to spend a lot more time cleaning your coffee pot…unless you like salmon flavored coffee…who knows it may be the next BIG thing!


Thank you Coffee Maker for all you do. 


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