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Female Fiasco: Coffee Nap

Sep 02, 2014 -- 7:10am

I love naps. They are one of my favorite things to do. I’m also quite fond of coffee.


The length of a nap is widely researched.  Some people say all you need in 20 minutes…some say 90 minutes is key.


I say at least 2 hours is perfect.


Well the new “it” thing is a coffee nap…drinking a cup of coffee and then taking a nap.


Sounds counter productive right?


Scientists say drinking a cup of coffee and then taking just a 20-minute nap will help you be more alert than just drinking a cup of coffee for just taking a nap.


There is a scientific explanation as to how a coffee nap works and relates in a higher level of alertness…you can read about it here.


Basically high levels of a chemical called Adenosine causes you to feel tired.  Sleep naturally clears your body of Adenosine… and during your 20 minute nap, the caffeine is traveling through your body and into your blood stream which then hits your brain and blocks a good amount of the left over adenosine…resulting in you waking up more alert.


Well will you look at that…the key to success…the coffee nap!


It just sounds fun!!


“Hey guys, I’m going to go take a coffee nap…do you guys want to join!?”


Even though science is saying a coffee nap is the most effective…and some say 20 minute naps are all you need…and some say 90 minutes is the perfect nap…I think it really depends on the person…Drew is good after a 15-20 minute nap…I’m good after a two hour nap…different strokes for different folks!


Speaking of naps...I could sure use one!

Female Fiasco: A Town Made Up of Women

Aug 29, 2014 -- 7:10am

Living in a town made up of mostly women might be every man’s dream…or is it?


There is a small town in Brazil made up of mostly women under the age of 35.


Some of the women are married with kids…but get this…they make their husbands and sons work OUT of the town and are only allowed to return for the weekends!




So now these women are looking for potential male suitors to come to the town…however, women control every aspect of life from farming, to town planning and to religion.


One woman from the town says, “There are lots of things that women do better than men. Our town is prettier, more organized, and far more harmonious than if men were in charge.   When problems or disputes arise, we resolve them in a woman's way, trying to find consensus rather than conflict. We share everything, even the land we work on. Nobody competes with anyone here. It's all for one, and one for all.”


Wow!! What an interesting concept!


This way of life has been working well for them but now they want to fall in love and get married…so they are trying to get men to move to their town.


“We'd like to get to know men who would leave their own lives and come to be a part of ours.But first they need to agree to do what we say and live according to our rules.”


Agree to do what they say and live according to their rules? So just like most households! HA!


Honestly though, would these men want to be bossed around by women even more then they already are!!


While I agree women run things in a more organized orderly manner, I wouldn’t want this for men.


But if guys, if this is what you’re in to, these women want you to move to Brazil!


Read the full story at The Daily Mail!


It will probably me more of a nightmare than a dream. 

Female Fiasco: Pet Names

Aug 28, 2014 -- 7:10am

Sweetie, honey, hun, baby…the list of pet names goes onnnnnnnnnnnn and onnnnnnnnn.


We all have these names we get called/call our significant others.  It’s a natural thing that happens in every relationship.


But some of these names are awful…horrible…like I’ll punch you in the face if you call me honey buns one more time!!!


Okay, that’s dramatic. But honey buns?! Really? Ick.


What is wrong with the names our mother’s gave us?! I think they would be offended you guys don’t like our given names enough to use them!!! And to replace them with honey buns!!


Some of the names are bad and then some of the names are slightly less bad. Brobible.com came up with a list of horrible names that women HATE being called and a list women are okay with being called!!


Some of them are cringe worthy!!


Here are the top 5 UNACCEPTABLE pet names to call women:


1. Babe…the pig from the movie? You just called me a pig?

2. Sweet Cheeks…same as honey buns…just don’t.

3. Snookums…I will end a relationship if you call me this #dealbreaker

4. Baby Doll…I am NOT a children’s toy

5. Baby Girl…False, I am a grown woman.


So those are probably not the best things to call your lady…


Here are some better options


1. Gorgeous…there is something exceptional about the word ‘gorgeous’

2. Beautiful…way better then sexy or hot!

3. Lovely…right up there with gorgeous

4. Love…simple and sweet

5. Darling…this should be on the unacceptable list but it was written by bro’s so what do you expect ha!


And some of the names from both lists you should NEVER call your lady…Snowflake, Blossom, Flower (for real, flower? Am I a perennial?), Sugar pie (you’re better off bringing me an actual pie), Sexy pants, ducky…#dealbreakers

Female Fiasco: This is a real thing

Aug 27, 2014 -- 7:10am


Where am I? What time is? What day is it? Why am I waking up at this time, whatever time it is? Am I late for something? What am I doing today that I even need to wake up at all?!


Do those questions go through your head the moment you wake up?  If so, you may suffer from sleep drunkenness…yes this is a real thing.


I am the QUEEN of sleep drunkenness! THE QUEEN. I ask myself the questions above every morning…sometimes twice a day if I squeeze a nap in. 


Sleep Drunkenness, by definition, are “those first few confused minutes we sometimes experience after waking.”


Don’t worry, this is a very common thing.


NYMag.com reports that researchers say if it happens every so often its nothing to worry about…but if it is a regular thing, you might have an undiagnosed sleep disorder…well that’s just great news.


The only sleep disorder I have is that I love to sleep…ALL.THE.TIME…and if that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right!


Research says you may suffer from sleep drunkenness if you get too little or too much sleep. Either or.


“While researchers aren’t exactly sure what causes this confused behavior, animal studies give us a clue: Sudden awakenings seem to trigger the startle reflex, which allows animals (and, likely, us) to respond quickly to potential threats. To our poor, half-asleep brains, an abrupt awakening signals an emergency — a time for action, not reason.”


See it’s a natural reaction…responding to the threat of having to go to work and be a functioning member of society.

Female Fiasco: Male Hair Extensions

Aug 26, 2014 -- 7:10am

Women go to great lengths when it comes to beauty…this includes our lovely locks…men would probably be surprised to know how many women get extensions, especially female celebrities…I would say 90% of them have some fake hair woven in to their heads.


For example, Erin Andrews…most of her hair is fake. GASP, I KNOW…but how else would it look so perfect all the time.


It’s a very common thing to have fake hair.


Now men are getting in on the action!!


The rise in men getting hair extensions to add length and thickness to their hair is up 200%!!!


The Daily Mail also reports that the popularity of hairstyles from David Beckham, Harry Styles and Justin Bieber are trying to be replicated by average joes!


While some guys are trying to get the Harry Styles tresses *coughdrewcough* a lot of men getting hair extensions have thinning/fine hair…all the power to you fellas!


We fantasize about running our hands through David Beckhams beautiful golden locks…so we are definitely all for you trying to have hair just like his!


So fellas next time you go get your haircut, tell them you want the Harry Styles!

Female Fiasco: Color Changing Nail Polish

Aug 25, 2014 -- 7:10am

Never put your drink down while you’re out is one of the most important rules for women to live by.


Unfortunately the threat of having something slipped in to our drinks is very common.


It’s sickening that we even have to worry about this. It’s sickening that I have to walk around a bar with my hand over the top of the drink as a defense mechanism.


A group of four MALE engineering students from NC State are coming up with a great solution for women to prevent being subjected to roofies!!


A nail polish that changes color when it interacts with date rape drugs!  This is genius.  Swirl your finger around your drink real quick, check to see if the color changes…and there you go!!!


Jezebel reports, “Undercover Colors is still in development and the four students are currently fundraising to perfect their formula. This is yet another great step for various drug-detection products that combat drug-facilitated rape and could prove to be very useful for women”


While I wish this were something we didn’t have to worry about, this is genius!! A game changer!


Kudos to a group of males tackling this issue!

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