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Female Fiasco: Who unfriended you on FB?

Jul 06, 2015 -- 7:10am

There have been times I’ve clicked to a specific person’s Facebook page to find out they deleted me!






There is now an app that will tell you when some of your friends are missing! Whether they deleted you or deactivated their Facebook all together, it lets you know!


Called Who Deleted Me on Facebook, the app does as the name suggests - it reveals which contacts have un-friended you on the site. It also shows which of your friends' accounts have become deactivated, who is online and keeps a track of friend numbers.”


The Daily Mail reports that, Along the top of this screen is a series of tabs including New, Deleted You, You Deleted, Deactivated and Current.Clicking a person's name takes the user to their Facebook profile within the app.  The app can only track friends who have deleted users, or deactivated their account, since it was installed, and notifications can also be used to get real-time details.”


Is this really necessary? If I want to know if someone un-friended me, I just look them up and see if the ‘add friend’ option is available…if it is, they clearly deleted me.


I’m not sure we needed an app for that. 

Female Fiasco: One of the dumbest things I've done

Jul 03, 2015 -- 7:10am


Yesterday I did probably one of the dumbest things I’ve done in a long time…and this includes that time I was running with a band-aid on my butt!


I was laying on my couch yesterday afternoon…no big deal, nothing out of the usual.


I then somehow dropped my phone in the couch...again, no big deal, happens all the time.


This is where things get ridiculous.


I reached in to the couch with my left hand…I kept pushing the phone around and couldn’t grab it.


Then the panic set it! What if my phone disappears for ever?! I’m going to have to literally rip this couch apart to save my phone!


I extended my left arm back behind me and in to the couch so much that I pulled a muscle in my neck!


I have to tell you, the pain that shot through my entire body was something I’d never wish on my worst enemy!


I think I blacked out for a second!




I don’t even know how it was possible to extend my arm so far behind me and in to the couch…I’ve decided my couch is a deep abyss, like Mary Poppin’s bag she carries around.


So now my neck is sore and I never want to sit on my couch again!


That’s a big I CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!

Female Fiasco: Keep the Puppies Calm

Jul 02, 2015 -- 7:10am

The 4th of July is such a fun time of year!! The fireworks are the best part!!!


However some of our family members might not like fireworks!


My Goldendoodle, Reilly, HATES them!!! They really scare her…well so do plastic grocery bags.


My parents have to be very careful with her this time of year to make sure she doesn’t work herself up and have a heart attack.


Poor Reilly.


A lot of dogs are not big on fireworks, which can be easy to overlook. 


The Kennel Club has come up with some tips for keeping your dogs as calm as possible during fireworks.


The Kennel Club suggests…


-Distract your dog from the noise by having the TV or the radio switched on ( to 101.7 The Bull of course)


-Feed your dog a while before you expect any disturbances, as once the fireworks start your dog may be too anxious to eat.


-Walk your dog before dusk.  It may be some time before it's safe to venture outside again for your dog to relieve himself.


-Keep a collar and ID tag on your dog, just in case they do accidentally escape.


-Make sure you shut all doors and windows in your home and don't forget to draw the curtains. This will block out any scary flashes of light and reduce the noise level of fireworks


Some things you should not do this weekend…


-Take your dog to a firework display, even if your dog does not bark or whimper, don't assume he or she is happy. Excessive yawning and panting can indicate that your dog is stressed.


-Tie your dog up outside while fireworks are being let off.


-Try and tempt him out if he does retreat, as this may cause more stress  


Find out more from The Kennel Club!

Female Fiasco: Monkeying Around

Jul 01, 2015 -- 7:10am

I love going to the zoo! I’ve spent many great days at the Pittsburgh Zoo with family and on school field trips!


My favorite animals to see are the gorillas! They are so similar to humans, it’s interesting to watch them interact.


Women in Tokyo are now flocking to a zoo to see a male gorilla named Shabani. 


There is such a fuss over Shabani because he’s really handsome. HUH? What does that even mean?


It means women think this gorilla is hot stuff and are flocking to see him.


I know, this is so weird and it’s making us all uncomfortable.


Zoo officials told CNN that there are 100 people at Shabani’s exhibit at any given time.

It’s a gorilla!


People are exchanging photos of the GORILLA on twitter in “Close-up portraits, alluring full-body poses, and sizzling snapshots of Shabani showing off his impressive muscles.”


I cannot believe I just read that...showing off his impressive muscles? Umm it’s not Channing Tatum…it’s a gorilla.


Unfortunately for Shabani’s fans, Shabani is taken…he already has 2 wives at the zoo.


Too bad ladies. (rolls eyes)


A spokesperson for the zoo says Shabani’s fame was unexpected and even though he’s noticed his new found fame, “he’d kept it very cool”


Oh good, glad to see fame isn’t going to his head.


I can’t.

Female Fiasco: Fresh Air

Jun 30, 2015 -- 7:10am


I enjoy being outside…for a little bit. I’m not that outdoorsy.


Oh well, it is what it is.


I do enjoy a few minutes of fresh air here and there.


You know how you just feel good after being outside getting fresh air?


Well there is a reason.


The Daily Mail reports, Professor Michael Moore, a toxicologist at the University of Exeter and the Plymouth Marine Laboratory, has developed a new theory for why a ramble through the woods or along the coast can be good for us. He claims that the country air is filled with a plethora of particles and chemicals released by plants, fungi and bacteria, which may help to prime our bodies' natural defenses. He says phytochemicals – compounds that produce color or strong tastes or flavors in plants and algae - can be toxic at high concentrations, but exposure at low levels can be beneficial.”


The study found that taking a walk through the country could lower stress and blood pressure… it also found the city pollution can weaken our immune systems!


Even though I’m not outdoorsy, I can get behind this and spend a little bit more time outside!

Female Fiasco: I love a good deal

Jun 29, 2015 -- 7:10am

I love a good deal! Who doesn’t!?


Ladies, you know the rush of adrenaline you get when something is 50% off…it’s fantastic! It’s end zone dance, victory lap fantastic!


How about a good deal on a wedding dress?!?! Your head may explode!


You can get a wedding dress for under $50!!!!


I know what you’re thinking…




Ladies, if you are planning a wedding you have to check out this online auction!


Now it’s a little odd, but if you can walk away with a dress for under $50, don’t question it. Just go with it.


The auction is from the US Government…it’s weird, I know…like I said, go with it.


The Stir reports, “An arm of the government called the General Services Administration regularly auctions off surplus government items -- everything from meat slicers to Chinook helicopters. For the first time ever, the GSA is also going to sell bridal formalwear: men's tuxes, women's wedding dresses, veils, and tiaras. There's also a 3-carat diamond and platinum engagement ring and Louis Vuitton travel bag up for grabs.”


Why are their wedding items up for auction?! Well the government seized all the items from a bridal shop in Alaska when the owner was arrested for drug trafficking.


The auction ends on July 9th so there is still plenty of time to get some items for your big day!!


I’m definitely going to keep an eye on this site for future treasures!!


Like I said, I love a good deal! 

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