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Female Fiasco: Women Pay More Than Men

Nov 24, 2014 -- 7:10am

“Lotions, potions and pills”…that’s how my stepdad describes all of the stuff women put on every day.


Hey, it takes a lot to be a woman…marketing companies tell us we need all these different products…so we listen.


But here is a fun fact!


We use the exact same products as men do. Deodorant, soap and razors…unless you’re some sort of naturalist…to each their own.


But generally speaking we all use the same products…however…women end up paying $1,300 more a year on those 3 products than men do!




And why do we do this?!


Because marketers know that women will pay more for these products so they jack up the prices for the women versions!


I feel so played.


The Huffington Post reports, “A smaller quantity of women's products are sold relative to men's products, she added, perhaps contributing to their steeper price. "Women are much more likely to purchase a product that looks like it's for a man than a man will purchase a product that looks like it's made for a woman," she explained. To soften the impact of women purchasing cheaper, male-oriented alternatives, a higher price is charged for the "women's" versions.”

Well, Well, Well.


Don’t we all feel dumb.


I’m going to start buying the men versions of those things! I’ve always wanted to smell like Old Spice’s ‘Swagger’ or mossy musk. 

Female Fiasco: llamas?

Nov 21, 2014 -- 7:10am

Weddings are a big deal…and everyone tries to make their own extra special…kind of one-upping everyone!


Creative entrances and flash mobs have been done and gone viral…been there done that.


But the newest wedding trend is…um…interesting.


Animals at your wedding!


Like LLAMAS. Yes llamas.


Well at least that is what the Wall Street Journal says.


“The Wall Street Journal reports on the latest wedding must-have, which is animals, all kinds. Working your pets into the celebration is nothing new, but couples are now incorporating butterflies (released like doves but so much more easily trampled), elephants (popular in Indian weddings) and yes, llamas”


Forget having a band at your wedding…LLAMAS are now all the rage! In fact a groom surprised his new wife with llamas at their wedding…and wait, it gets better…wait for it…the llamas had tuxedos on and walked down the isle.


Llamas in tuxedos. Is that the greatest thing you’ve ever heard?


Well he’s a keeper, we need more men like him in this world.


Because nothing says I want to spend the rest of my life with you like a llama!


When I think romance first thing that comes to my mind is llamas.


Apparently the bride finds llamas entertaining and calming.  How nice of her groom to surprise her on their special day!


I find cupcakes and wine entertaining and calming…so to my future husband…no need for llamas cupcakes will be just fine!

Female Fiasco: Texting Adds Pressure to Our Necks

Nov 20, 2014 -- 7:10am

Texting is my main form of communication…I prefer to text than to talk on the phone…I can get more done that way.


In fact, texting is probably most people’s main form of communication…we are doing it constantly…non-stop!


Do you have constant neck and back pain?


Unfortunately the amount of texting we do could be related to the pains we have in our necks!




The way we bend our heads forward to look at our phones is putting added pressure on our necks….AS A RESULT…NECK AND BACK PAIN!


 The Daily Mail reports, “Bending the head at a 60 degree angle to look at a phone screen puts 60 lbs – or 27kg – worth of pressure on the cervical spine, the part of the spine above the shoulders.  The extra pressure put on the neck leads to early wear and tear and the person may eventually need surgery, experts said.”


60 lbs!!! That’s the weight of a child!


I hope texting your besty all day is worth having a small child sitting on your shoulders all day. NO THANK YOU!


There is some good news though…we can prevent some of the added pressure by not hunching over as much!


“'While it is nearly impossible to avoid the technologies that cause these issues, individuals should make an effort to look at their phones with a neutral spine and to avoid spending hours each day hunched over.'”


We clearly aren’t going to stop texting…so I guess we need to change our posture!! 

Female Fiasco: Why Waste Everyone's Time?

Nov 19, 2014 -- 7:10am


I rarely send food back at a restaurant.  I can count on 1 hand how many times I’ve done it.


I always feel bad for sending it back…I know it’s not really a big deal to send it back…as long as your nice about it of course, but for some reason I feel bad about it.


One woman does not feel bad about it at all…so much so that it got her banned from a restaurant!!


A woman named Kerry has just been banned from a restaurant called Frankie & Benny’s for sending back 90% of her food!!


Kerry eats at this restaurant about 3 times a week and sends her food back to the kitchen most of the time!!


The Daily Mail reports, “She admits she often sends her food back to the kitchen to be recooked or changed if she doesn't believe it to be of the correct standard.”


So she’s been banned, the chef refuses to cook for her and she is now mad about it!


Kerry apparently admits to being fussy about the standards of the food but enjoys the wait staff and the atmosphere!


I’m willing to be that the wait staff does not enjoy her!


So she made a big stink about it and the restaurant has since allowed her to return to the restaurant.


Honestly lady, why do you keep eating there then!? What a waste of everyone’s time?!


Do you know the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing and expecting different results!


While I believe as a paying costumers we have the right to send our food back if it is not what we ordered, the correct order, etc…this is a little much!


What do you think? Should this woman be banned from the restaurant, or does she have every right to send her food back as much as she wants?! Email me at Tory@1017thebull.com or tweet me @ToryTheBull!

Female Fiasco: Thanksgiving Prep

Nov 18, 2014 -- 7:10am

Incase you didn’t know, Thanksgiving is next Thursday!!!


That got here quickly!!


If you haven’t gotten your turkey yet, it’s time!  Also don’t forget to defrost your turkey!!! A lot of the bigger turkeys should start being defrosted on Saturday!!


Oh man, Thanksgiving got here so quickly!! Where did the time go?!


There are some other things you can do this week/this weekend to make sure you are all ready for the big day next week!


The Stir.com has some great suggestions that will help you be as prepared as possible to tackle the big dinner!


Clean Out the Fridge
How long has that heavy cream been hiding in the back? Chances are, it needs to go! And that dill that's been hanging out wilting in your crisper? Toss it and make room for fresh herbs and veggies that ensure your Turkey Day is delish!

Take a Look at Those Cookbooks! 
They're not just for decoration! Really look through your cookbooks and recipe binders to see if you'd like to include any new dishes alongside the old favorites this year.

Check Out Your Pantry
Don't get caught without a key ingredient Thanksgiving morning. Go through your pantry and cabinets now and see what's missing and add it to your grocery list. 

Also take a look at what may have expired or what staples you just don't have enough of to avoid ending up at the grocery store with the last-minute crowds.

Be Prepared!
This motto isn't just for Cub Scouts. It's a hectic holiday, so you want to be ready in case there's an accident. Have some extras (think: jar of gravy) on hand in case someone drops the bowl of stuffing or you forget to set the timer and burn those biscuits!

Clear Your Counters
If you're not using that big mixer or food processor, why not move them, at least temporarily, to clear a larger work space?

Prep for Leftovers
Chances are you're going to have plenty of leftovers. Maybe you'd like to eat them for the next week or perhaps you'd rather send them home with your guests. Either way, make sure you've got plenty of foil, plastic wrap, or containers at the ready for a quick and easy clean-up.

Clean the Oven
Get your oven and stove-top ready for the big day with a good cleaning!

Count Your Place Settings
Will you have enough plates, platters, glasses, etc.? Start planning now so you don't have to improvise (shot glass of gravy, anyone?) as Granddad is carving the turkey.

Sharpen Those Knives!
Thanksgiving involves plenty of slicing, dicing, chopping, and let's not forget, carving. Dull knives are dangerous and ineffective, so sharpen away ahead of the big day!

Make Sure You've Got the Tools
The turkey looks like it's done, but is it? Where's the meat thermometer? Can you use the one you stick under the kids' armpits when you suspect a fever? Doubtful! Don't get caught without the right tools! Make sure you have a baster, thermometer, and everything else that guarantees all your hard work doesn't go to waste!

Most importantly, don’t forget to defrost the turkey!

Female Fiasco: I hate being cold

Nov 17, 2014 -- 7:10am

I really dislike winter.


Being cold is one of the worst feelings.


We all know how cold it gets in Iowa…today alone a wind chill of 0!


It’s going to get worse…much worse.


We should prepare now!


Luckily technology is a fantastic thing and there are now a plethora of products that we can buy to keep ourselves toasty in even the coldest of colds!


The Huffington Post compiled a list of some amazing products that will help you fight the cold we are about to face in the next several (long) months!


3 words…


Heated. Toilet. Seat.


That is a real thing and your badonkadonk will most definitely thank you!


I’m not sure how you can top that but there are some other great items you can get to keep yourself warm this winter!


Like a heated computer mouse! Only $29.95 on Amazon!


Or even better…


A heated steering wheel cover that plugs in to your cigarette lighter!




Touching a cold steering wheel is cringe worthy! Sometimes I worry my hands will freeze to the wheel and get stuck!!


Some of these items I will most definitely be ordering this week for Bikes for Kids coming up on December 10th!


Like the heated socks, gloves, pants and coat!


These will probably be some of the best investments you ever make! Especially if you hunt or work outside!


Look through the full list here!


Thank you to the people who came up with these products!!

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