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What We What Talked About Today-9/2!

Sep 02, 2014 -- 10:30am

WOW, we can't believe it's September already!


Breaking Baby News!!! Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, are expecting their first baby!! Carrie and her dogs made the announcment yesterday..."Labor Day" Read the story here!


A guy living in LA doesn't want to work anymore so he decided to create a GoFundMe to try to raise enough money to live beyond comfortably without having to work...we hate this guy, but wish we would've come up with it first! You can check out his GoFundMe page here!


A company in Portland is trying to help the homless by creating a village of microhomes! These tiny homes will have a kitchen, bathroom and sleeping area...they will have low rent so the homeless could afford to live in them, and after the initial setup cost will be self sustaining. Read about microhomes here!

What We What Talked About Today-8/29!

Aug 29, 2014 -- 10:30am

There is a small town in Brazil made up of mostly women...and completely run by women.  From farming to religion they run every aspect of life and force their husbands to work out of town during the week, only allowing them to return on the weekends!  They are now looking for men to move in to their town to marry, but still accept their way of women run life! Read about the town here!


A Texas school district is arming their teachers for the school year.  Not all of the teachers will be armed and the ones that are will remain unknown, basically like Air Marshalls on flights.  You can read about the armed teachers here!


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married in France last weekend! They have been together for 10 years and engaged for two! Read all about their small wedding here!


We are giving you a chance to win 4 tickets to Thursday night of the Tri State Rodeo! You can sign up until 9/2 and we will pick a winner that morning!! Sign up here!


We will see you all at Midwest Old Threshers this weekend!!

What We What Talked About Today-8/28!

Aug 28, 2014 -- 10:30am

Jimmy Kimmel had a mini 'Friends' reunion on his show...complete with an exact replica of the set! Thank you Jimmy Kimmel!  Watch the reunion here!


We also talked about the pet names women love and hate to be called!! Check them out here!


We acted out the movie 'Footloose' on Drew and Tory Theater! Listen to Blake Shelton sing the theme song!


If you missed out on the 'Breaking Bad' craze and don't have time to catch up, you can watch a 2 hour recap of the whole show!! Watch the 'Breaking Bad' recap here!


A flight from Newark to Denver had to make an emergency landing in Chicago after two passangers got in to a fight!! A man put a device on the seat in front of him to prevent it from reclining, the woman sitting in that seat got really angry, he wouldn't take the device off the seat, so she through a glass of water on him.  YIKES!! Read the full story here!

What We What Talked About Today-8/27!

Aug 27, 2014 -- 10:30am



We are staying on the ground of Midwest Old Threshers all weekend in our Merrit RV Broadcast Center! We have been coming up with some easy food recipes to stock our RV with!! Here are some ideas if you're staying at Threshers too!


Dumb Driver Wednesday! Every Wednesday we'll let you vent about the dumb drivers you encounter day to day!!!! Call us next Wednesday and tell us about your dumb driver stories!! 319-752-5252!

What We What Talked About Today-8/26!

Aug 26, 2014 -- 10:30am

Male Hair Extensions!!! Apparently the rise in men getting hair extensions is up 200%!!  Men everywhere are trying to replicated the do's of David Beckham, Harry Styles and Justin Bieber! Read about male extensions here!


The Emmy's were on last night! We think The Big Ban Theory should have won for Best Comedy instead of Modern Family!  You can see the full list of winners here!


We've been talking a lot about Midwest Old Threshers...which starts THIS WEEK!!  You can keep up with all the happenings during Old Threshers by getting the Threshers App!!  Download the FREE Midwest Old Threshers App Here!

What We What Talked About Today-8/25!

Aug 25, 2014 -- 10:30am

Today we talked about 'participation trophies' and whethere or not young kids should get a trophy just for participating in an activity.  Surveys suggest that young adults 18-24 think that participation trophies should be given out while older adults think only the winners get trophies.  Read the research here!


We also talked about a group of male engineers from NC State who are developing a nail polish that changes colors when it comes in to contact with date rape drugs in drinks.  Women just have to stir their drinks with their finger and instantly know if your drink is safe or not! Read about the color changing nail polish here!


The MTV VMA's were on last night and Miley Cyrus stole the show.  After winning the award for Best Video, she let a homeless teen accept the award and talk about the large numbre of homless youth living on the streets and how to donate money to help the cause.  It was a great move on Miley's part...and she wins the VMA's for the second year in a row! Watch the speech here!


Drew's mom also came by with homemade cinnamon rolls and breakfast burritos...YUMM!

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