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What We Talked About Today-9/22!

Sep 22, 2014 -- 10:30am

A Woman in Hawaii is trying to win a $50,000 grant that she would use to collect poop in India and bring "bio-toilets" to impoverished countries! Read about the woman's mission here!


Researchers are saying to maximize productivity at work you should work for 52 minutes and then take a 17 minute break! Read about the study here!


Mar's is recalling regular M&M's!! Read about why here!!

What We Talked About Today-9/19!

Sep 19, 2014 -- 10:30am

Today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day!! Here are some phrases and slang words that will help you better talk like a pirate! 


We reviewed the movie, When The Game Stands Tall!! We gave it 5 Bull Horns (and 5 tissues)! Watch the trailer here!


We talked with Emmanuelle Chriqui about her new movie, Fort Bliss! Watch the trailer for Fort Bliss here!


It's that time of the year when people will start getting sick.  Here are some things you do when you're sick that you think will help you, but really won't!


Have a great weekend!!



What We Talked About Today-9/18!

Sep 18, 2014 -- 10:30am

Today is National Cheesburger Day!!!!  Hardee's has a buy 1 get a 1/3 today!!!! And here is a celebatory tune!


A pregnant woman had her purse stolen in a grocery store parking lot, she chased the thief, got her purse back and then went in to labor!! Read the full story!


A Michigan funeral home is now offering a drive thru option!! You drive up to a window, pay your respects and move on!! Read about the drive thru funeral here!


If you're going on vacation you can now hire someone to be in charge of taking all your pictures, editing them and uploading them to social media!!! We all need this!

What We Talked About Today-9/17!

Sep 17, 2014 -- 10:30am

Playboy came out with their list of Top Party School's in the Country! University of Iowa grabbed the #5 spot! Find out the other schools on the list here!


Ever wonder why your house doesn't smell to you but sometimes smells different to other people?!  Read why that happens here!


Blake Shelton released the video for his new song, 'Neon Light'! Watch the video here!



What We Talked About Today-9/16!

Sep 16, 2014 -- 10:30am

Karina Smirnoff from Dancing With the Stars called us to talk about the new season!!! She is teamed up with UFC fighter Randy Couture, watch their first dance from last night here and don't forget to vote!


Since fall is right around the corner we talked about our favorite things to make in the crock pot!! Here are some suggestions...but the possibilites are really endless!!


Burger King Japan just introduced a black burger...with black cheese...ewwwww...read about the buger here!


Olive Garden breadsticks are one of the greatest treasures in America...now OG says giving unlimited breadticks is wasteful!!! NOOOOOO. Read about the bread sticks here!


What We Talked About Today-9/15!

Sep 15, 2014 -- 10:30am

Erica Nicole called us to debut her brand new single, 'It's Comin Down'!! You can buy the new single on itunes and wherever you buy your music! Check out Erica Nicole's website here!


A man walks in to a bar...and then runs out and poops in the woods.  He claims he was harrassed, humilated and his civil rights were violated!! Read the crappy story here!


We are big supporters of pasta at the Bull, but we wouldn't call ourselves PASTAFARIANS!! Luckily we have the right to practice whatever religion we want, even if our religion includes wearing a colander on our head in our drivers license picture!


Eventhough Fall doesn't start until next week, it already feels like it's here!! We talked about what makes Fall such a great season!! Here are some of the things about fall that we LOVE!

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