Benefit for the Flynn Lanferman Family

Oct 27, 2012 9:00am

Saturday 10/27

9AM through late in the night

Press Box

Mount Pleasant

Silent auction, vendor show, and a band playing


Hello my name is Heather Hummell, you may know me from before or this may be new to you.  I am in process of setting up a silent auction and vendor show for a little boy.  His name is Flynn Lanferman; he is 7 years old and has a story for you to hear.

                When Flynn was 3 years old he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).  After going through 3 years of chemotherapy in May 2011 he was in remission with his leukemia and doing well.  In November 2011 at a routine doctor’s appointment they discovered his leukemia was back.  After starting chemotherapy again his cancer kept getting worse, so it was decided to perform a bone marrow transplant.  In March 2012 he had a bone marrow transplant at the University of Iowa Hospital, located in Iowa City, Iowa.  Since his transplant Flynn has ran into some bumpy roads.  He has been fighting to keep from getting HVG disease. This is Host VS Graft Disease where the donor marrow and his old marrow work against each other in which can create many problems including other cancers.  His body is still weak with the new marrow trying to completely engraft to Flynn’s body.  His health is getting better and better each week but it’s still a very long road till he is released to live a normal life.

                Our purpose for the auction is to raise enough money to keep Flynn’s mother Deana Lanferman home to take care of him.  Flynn is needing much needed care with his medications and other health needs.  Flynn also has two other brothers, Ronin and newest addition Jac.  Deana is needed home to take care of all boys, since daycare for any of them is completely out of the question.  Flynn has to take extreme precautions when leaving the house; he cannot leave without a mask on to protect him from normal germs.  Even if he wants to play outside he has to wear a mask.  If someone visits his home they and Flynn have to wear masks.  Flynn also had to relocate their dog Thunder to grandmas home; he can’t be in contact with his saliva.  Jeremy Lanferman (father) is working very hard to support his family to keep Deana home but it’s getting very hard on them financially.  While taking Flynn to one of his appointments Jeremy’s truck motor blew up, he had purchased a cheap car to get by but needs a reliable vehicle for the 60 mile trip one way.

                This past year has been so much harder on this family then before.  With the transplant, hospital stays, and any other extra things that have become a health issue.  Anything we can do for this family would be amazing.  We are in much need to find donations, whether it is items for our auction or just a simple donation to the family.  I’ve attached the flyer for our event; if you can’t open it please let me know.

                Thank you for any and all support that we can receive. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You,

Heather Hummell





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